Your weekly Indulge List is back.

Another week has gone by and another Indulge List has arrived. Yes, it’s that time again! We’re back with a fantastic selection of products for you to indulge in this week (see what we did there?). We have newbies for you, both brands and products, some novelties and just a few beauty, skincare and hair that we know you will enjoy. We’re mid-September now, so its definitely time to switch up our skincare routines and bring some of our best autumn makeup onto the scene. We hope this week’s list can help you out, and keep your eyes peeled for future products to up your autumn game.

Blaze a new trail with eight matte and metallic eye shadows. Earthy tones start your journey; warm pops of green and gold set you on the road to riveting. Create your own path with richly-pigmented, plush powder shades. Let intuition be your compass.

Experience the grounding & restoring benefits of Forest Therapy with our balancing, therapeutic essential oil blend of Pink Pepper, Cypress & Ho Wood. Diffuse or inhale our pure, hand-crafted blend for a daily moment of wellbeing to reset body & mind.

Lime Time is Prime Time! – Summer is here we are ready for some fruity fun! So do not hesitate and make the Tutti Frutti Collection your companion. Whether used for a pretty invisibobble® up-do, or as a cute and stylish bracelet – the invisibobble ORIGINAL Tutti Frutti hair ties with golden coloured charms reveal its fruity colours in full glory.

The Lemon Superfood Nourishing and Balancing Cleansing Bar is rich in antioxidants that balance and nourish the skin. The soap gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin to allow the fruit extracts to penetrate the skin and reveal a refreshed glow. Lather up in the bath or shower using your hands and gently cleanse body. Rise thoroughly with water to wash off.

A real Soft-Focus Effect! Specifically formulated for sensitive skin and adapted to the fragile contour area, it calms irritation, moisturises in depth, smooths fine lines and wrinkles. The eye contour area appears brighter and refreshed.

All prices are correct as of date published.