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Tired of searching for the best face masks for your skin to not get the results you need? Look no further! We’ve got the very best face masks for tired, dull and stressed skin for you that will help soothe and revive your skin.

Since April is Stress Awareness Month, we have been spotlighting Beauty at The Fragrance Shop brands that develop skincare and body care with your wellbeing in mind. From Skin & Tonic and Balance Me‘s expert skincare for different skin types to Aromatherapy Associates and Westlab’s at-home relaxing treatments, gone are the days of all-for-one skincare!

Besides figuring out the best face masks for oily, dry or combination skin, we know skin changes based on our stress levels (among many other things). Even when you think you don’t feel particularly stressed, your skin will always tell you. Redness, irritation, breakouts – these can all occur and/or be worsened when your body is feeling anxious, stressed or down, which is why the following face masks are great because they soothe your skin and mind simultaneously.

Even better, they are all cruelty-free and either 100% natural or vegan, meaning they are brimming with nourishing ingredients that are gentle enough to work on even the most sensitive skin types.

OH K! Ginseng & Eucalyptus Under Eye Mask
OH K! | Awakening Ginseng & Eucalyptus Under Eye Mask | £3.50

Tired eyes never lie. If your sleeping pattern has gone haywire or you’re struggling to sleep at all then, chances are, you’re trying to de-puff them in the morning to hide it. Instead of hiding your stress, extend your morning routine with a 10-minute under eye treatment to delicately refresh and awaken your eyes. OH K!’s vegan Awakening Under Eye Mask is enriched with 12 botanical extracts including Ginseng and Eucalyptus. The Ginseng hydrates and brightens skin while improving skin tone and texture, while Eucalyptus soothes.

Pro tip: Keep in the fridge before for an extra cooling effect. Also, after cleansing but before moisturiser! It’s your in-between hero.

Skin & Tonic - De Stress Mask - 50g
Skin & Tonic | De-Stress Face Mask – 50g | £28.00

Made with just six natural ingredients, the Skin & Tonic De-Stress Face Mask is a gentle mask specially crafted for dry and neglected sensitive skin. Combining the ultra-hydrating Aloe Vera with Coconut Milk to protect and Lavender to calm, this is one of the best face masks available to calm inflammation and redness while creating a peaceful setting for your downtime. This 100% natural face mask is truly one of our favourites when it comes to skincare that calms.

You should know the De-Stress Face Mask is not ready-to-go, however that’s only another reason to love it if you ask us. The powdered treatment ensures you take time for yourself as you must mix the powder into a creamy paste before applying. Never used a powdered mask before? Don’t worry! Pour a tablespoon into the palm of your hand or into a small dish then add 2-3 drops of warm water and mix, then you’ll be good to go and find your zen.

Dr. Hauschka | Soothing Mask 30ml | £39.50

Another face mask tried and tested for sensitive skin is Dr. Hauschka’s Soothing Face Mask. This 100% natural mask is formulated to calm and stabilise irritated skin, soothing redness to a state of comfort and healing. Alchemilla, Buckwheat and Mullein come together to help skin become less reactive, while Witch Hazel and Shea Butter work to help the skin retain moisture and provide a protective barrier.

For best results with this Dr. Hauschka saviour, use after cleansing and toning. Apply for 20 minutes then remove with a warm, damp cloth. In those 20 minutes, don’t even think about checking your emails or phone and instead catch up on your favourite TV show or book!

Dr Botanicals - Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask - 60ml
Dr Botanicals | Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask 60ml | £16.90

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your dull-looking skin more intensely then Dr Botanicals is here to help. The all-natural, vegan skincare brand’s Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask is a multi-purpose game-changer worth integrating into your weekly routine. This super hydrating overnight treatment is bursting with vitamin C and other antioxidants (thank you, Pomegranate!), which will help brighten the skin, fight inflammation and also acts as an antiseptic agent, meaning it can help treat dark spots and breakouts.

The Superfood Regenerating Mask doesn’t lose moisture after a few hours either due to the soothing and intensely nourishing Coconut Oil. Beyond these hero ingredients, the treatment is packed with rich fatty acids that protect the skin’s natural oil barrier which protects it from UV damage. Honestly, if you’re tired and stressed then this is the mask your skin needs to revive itself. All this for only £16.90? Sign. Us. Up.

If our list of the best face masks for stressed out skin has inspired you to invest a little more in your self-care routine, check out our list of favourite relaxing beauty products and products to specifically de-stress your skin. When we say skincare is self-care, it’s not BS! Make time for yourself today (and every day).

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