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Unisex, gender neutral, genderless – however you want to label them, fragrances are becoming less restricted and more dynamic alongside society.

Discover our curated edit of the best gender neutral fragrances we simply adore.

When fragrance, like most things, is so gendered, the search for the best gender neutral scents can seem never ending.

Why do we need gender neutral fragrances? Well, fragrance wasn’t always so gendered. Before the boom of mass advertising, fragrances were created in line with fragrance families as opposed to what men and women were ‘supposed to’ smell like.

Of course, sweeter florals have long been associated with femininity and smoky woods seen as the height of masculinity, but fragrances weren’t always specifically made to fit stereotypes like they became.

Calvin Klein broke the mould in 1994 by releasing CK One, the first fragrance to be marketed as gender neutral.

The revolutionary release cut through the men and women’s divide and proved how popular and timeless genderless fragrances could be; forgoing the limitations of so-called masculine or feminine notes to create a unique combination to empower all genders.

CK lead the way but which other brands are freeing themselves from stereotypes? Here’s our edit of the best gender neutral fragrances, perfect for everyone.

Calvin Klein | CK One Eau De Toilette 200ml | £28.00 Member Price, £35.00 Regular Price 

Shop the best gender neutral fragrances including Calvin Klein CK One at The Fragrance Shop

The gender neutral powerhouse of fragrance, Calvin Klein first launched CK One in 1994, changing the perception of perfumery.

This Citrus Aromatic fragrance for men and women is bursting full of dazzling notes including Lemon, Green Notes, Bergamot, Pineapple, Mandarin Orange, for a fresh kick.  

Jean Paul Gaultier | Classique Pride Eau De Toilette 100ml | £55.44 Member Price, £69.30 Regular Price  

Shop the best gender neutral fragrances including Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Pride at The Fragrance Shop

From the catwalk to the street, Jean Paul Gaultier has been standing up for what he believes in since 1982. 

With Blood Orange and Yuzu top notes, this limited-edition Eau De Toilette is modern, quirky and free-spirited, uniting the LGBTQIA+ community.

Enhanced with Orange Blossom and Neroli, this proud and celebratory citrus fragrance makes an iconic unisex staple.

Gucci | Mémoire d’une Odeur Eau De Parfum 60ml Spray | £64.80 Member Price, £81.00 Regular Price 

Shop the best gender neutral fragrances including Gucci Memoire at The Fragrance Shop

Gucci first went gender neutral with Gucci Oud in 2014 but the in 2019 the designer amped things up with Mémoire d’une Odeur.

The warm Eau De Parfum combines airy and musky accords to create a fresh and enticing fragrance with a rich base of Sandalwood, Cedar and Vanilla to complement the wearer.

Allsaints | Incense City Eau De Parfum 100ml | £28.22 Member Price, £35.28 Regular Price 

Shop the best gender neutral fragrances including Allsaints Incense City at The Fragrance Shop

Allsaints has one mission with its fragrance collection: to ‘open the boundless doors of self-expression.’

Each scent brings something different to the table, with Incense City being an oriental woody aroma combining notes of Cedar, Cypress and Musk for a smoky signature aroma.

Tom Ford | Costa Azzurra Eau De Parfum 50ml | £80.00 Member Price, £100.00 Regular Price  

Shop the best gender neutral fragrances including Tom Ford Costa Azzurra at The Fragrance Shop

Costa Azzurra is as fresh a fragrance as they come. A new edition of Tom Ford’s Signature Collection scent, the new Costa Azzurra is crafted with complementary accords suited to everyone.

The original’s aromatic Mediterranean essence is given a new crisp freshness with the addition of citrus notes, but its long-lasting base medley of oaks and aromatics stays true to form to capture the easy sensuality of sunkissed escapism.

1667 | Rouge Eau De Parfum 100ml Spray | £140.00 Member Price, £175.00 Regular Price 

Rouge is the deliciously decadent fresh and woody fragrance by 1667, released with the entirely gender neutral La Collection Royale collection.

With enticing top notes of Bergamot, Lime and Tagete, its woody base is given a floral twist from heart notes of Jasmine, Fir Balsam, Saffron and the luxurious Oud.

Remember, whether it’s marketed as men’s, women’s or gender neutral, it’s the person wearing a fragrance who makes it what it is – wear whatever you’re attracted to!

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