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It’s Men’s Health Week this week, bringing attention to men gaining more focus on their health and issues that affect them disproportionately. Health begins with routine, which we encourage with our picks of the best men’s grooming products.

Infamously, many men avoid going to the doctors about potential health issues. Undoubtedly one of the most harmful side effects of traditional masculinity, this often compromises men’s health and goes hand-in-hand with outdated views that daily routines and moments of self-care exist in vanity.

Establishing a daily routine not only adds purpose and intention to every day but also ensures we pay attention to our skin, appearance and bodies in general, meaning we take more time to recognise ourselves and spot potential issues if they do arise. For these reasons, we’ve picked the best men’s grooming products from three leading brands – Anthony, Blind Barber, and Hawkins & Brimble – with daily essentials to build your own routine.

  1. Hawkins & Brimble | Elemi & Ginseng Face Wash
  2. Anthony | Invigorating Rush Hair & Body Wash
  3. Hawkins & Brimble | Revitalising Shampoo
  4. Hawkins & Brimble | Nourishing Conditioner
  5. Anthony | Conditioning Beard Wash
  6. Hawkins & Brimble | Beard Oil
  7. Blind Barber | Shave Wild Watermint Shave Cream
  8. Blind Barber | Watermint Gin Daily Moisturiser and After Shave
  9. Anthony | Day Cream SPF 30

Hawkins & Brimble | Elemi & Ginseng Face Wash 150ml | £8.95 NOW £5.60
Anthony | Invigorating Rush Hair & Body Wash 355ml | £26.00 NOW £20.80

Every day should begin and end with you washing your face. Start the day afresh and go to bed clean by removing excess oil, dirt and debris using Hawkins & Brimble Elemi and Ginseng Face Wash, which contains Aloe known for its nourishing and soothing properties. Aloe also contains aloin, which can block up to 30% of ultraviolet rays when applied generously to the skin’s surface, making it a a healing and protective ingredient.

We’re going to say it: 3-in-1s are not acceptable. However, the Anthony 2-in-1 Invigorating Rush Hair & Body Wash is an award-winning body and hair cleanser. With Eucalyptus Extract to stimulate, Birch Leaf to refresh and Canadian Balsam to soothe, you’ll feel clean and fresh every time – and it’s suitable for all skin types.

Hawkins & Brimble | Revitalising Shampoo Eco-Refillable 300ml | £12.00 NOW £9.60
Hawkins & Brimble | Nourishing Conditioner Eco-Refillable 300ml | £12.00 NOW £9.60

Haircare is a must and two of Hawkins & Brimble’s all-time bestsellers prove why. The Revitalising Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner are both made with natural ingredients and their signature Elemi & Ginseng scent to give it a masculine edge. The two hero products are now packaged in eco-refillable bottles, so you can keep the bottles to help the planet and save yourself some money every time by buying the refillable pouches instead of a new bottle!

See the Refillable Shampoo Pouch (£7.00) here and the Refillable Conditioner Pouch (also £7.00) here.

Anthony | Conditioning Beard Wash 177ml | £27.00 NOW £21.60
Hawkins & Brimble | Beard Oil 50ml | £9.95 NOW £7.96
Blind Barber | Shave Wild Watermint Shave Cream 150ml | £18.00 NOW £14.40

Now, once you’re all fresh’n’clean, it’s time to deal with facial hair. Rocking a beard? The Anthony Conditioning Beard Wash will keep it clean (always wash your beard) then the Hawkins & Brimble Beard Oil will keep it looking groomed and healthy. If you’re not the beard type, we recommend Blind Barber’s Shave Wild Watermint Shave Cream for a reliable clean shave. The formula prevents irritation and razor burn, leaving your skin smooth and unbothered. Again, it’s suitable for all skin types – perfect!

Blind Barber | Watermint Gin Daily Moisturiser and After Shave 150ml | £20.00 NOW £16.00
Anthony | Day Cream SPF 30 90ml | £34.00 NOW £27.20

Now that’s all taken care of, it’s time to moisturise (note: if you’re using beard oil, apply this after whichever moisturiser and SPF you’re using.

We’re obsessed with Blind Barber’s Watermint Gin Daily Moisturiser and After Shave. Like all Blind Barber products, it’s made for all skin types with natural ingredients and a refreshing scent to nourish and hydrate your skin without irritation or harsh chemicals. The unique blend also means it won’t sting when you apply post-shave thanks to its multi-function formula as an after shave, too.

Rule number one of skincare is wash your face. Rule number two is moisturise. Rule number three (the most important for long-term health!) is SPF. The Anthony Day Cream SPF 30 is a quick-absorbing, lightweight SPF moisturiser which nourishes the skin while protecting it from damaging UVA and UVB rays with its SPF 20 protection.

If you’re using the Blind Barber moisturiser and after shave (or any other moisturiser) and just need an SPF then we recommend Lancaster Sun Beauty Comfort Touch Cream SPF50 for the highest level of protection. Take a look at our favourite SPF products to protect your face while you’re here.

Blind Barber | 40 Proof Sea Salt Spray 175ml | £16.00 NOW £12.80
Hawkins & Brimble | Hair Wax 100ml | £9.95 NOW £7.96

Now for the finishing touches… Whether you prefer a refined slick look using wax or prefer a more free and low-key look, these hair products are two of the very best men’s grooming products we’ve ever come across. Blind Barber’s 40 Proof Sea Salt Spray adds texture with a matte finish while not locking your hair in place, while the Hawkins & Brimble Molding Max is a workable wax that will help you make a long-lasting yet authentic-looking hairstyle to last all day.

And that’s it… for now! Do you already use these products? If so, let us know what you think on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook because we’d love to know what’s in your daily routine, guys.

Remember, routine improves mental health and doctors are there to help. Stay fresh, check yourselves (you know what we’re talking about) and ask your friends and brothers how they’re doing, really. Happy Men’s Health Week!