It’s national sibling day and as we all know… eyebrows are sisters, not twins. We’ve put together a series of our favourite brow products so that you can achieve the sisterhood that your eyebrows deserve.

The BrowGal Second Chance Eyebrow Enhancement Serum

As if sent from the eyebrow heavens… sporadic, thin eyebrows are getting the second chance they deserve. This brow enhancement serum has been designed to give you evidently fuller, healthier-looking eyebrows in just four weeks. A 3-speed vibrating brush increases the circulation which ensures the product reaches the root of the hair for quicker results.

Eylure Tame & Define Wax

It does what it says on the tin. Infused with sweet almond oil and rosemary oil, it creates defined, perfectly shaped brows with a simple swipe of the pencil. Tidy up your natural brows or draw over colour to define them further. The easiest brow taming product you’ll ever find.

Urban Decay Brow Box

An all-in-one ultra-compact kit that contains all the essentials for amazing brows. Two shades of silk brow powder, setting wax, mini tweezers to remove even the tiniest stray hairs, a mini angled brow brush, a mini spoolie and two (yes, two) mirrors – one of them magnified for extra precision. Everything you could need so that your brows are on fleek at all times in one, luxury compact box.

bBrowBar Highlighter

This creamy highlighter gives the eyes an instant lift by emphasising the arch. This immediately defines the whole eye area. This highlighter pencil is retractable, waterproof and comes with a sponge blender and a sharpener. The perfect finishing touch to your fabulous eyebrows.

bBrowBar Brow Corrector

The ultimate tool to help you shape flawless eyebrows. Correct and perfect your brows with a single stroke to wipe out any errors of smudges. The felt tip is easy to use and made of a conditioning formula with Panthenol, Soy Protein, Organic Peppermint Floral Water and Peach extract and it even works on waterproof makeup.

Our brows are a very personal thing (we get it) – let us know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these products, or which of our Indulge Beauty eyebrow products are your favourites!