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We’ve all found ourselves Googling ‘how to get clear skin’ at some point or another, haven’t we? It’s those times we wish we could be given a simple 5-step routine, and now Balance Me has done exactly that.

Last month Balance Me gave us the Glowing Skin Edit to help us find our summer glow again, but we can’t have a glow when stubborn spots are in the way. Don’t stress your skin further by getting frustrated when you can now find out how to get clear skin with the brand new Clearer Skin Edit, which has just landed on Beauty at The Fragrance Shop.

New for Spring 2021, the Clearer Skin Edit is the latest 5-step routine from Balance Me. Made with all-natural active ingredients that work to target specific skin problems, the vegan and cruelty-free brand’s latest edit is a gentle set suitable for most skin types, which will be music to most ears as some spot-targeting treatments are too harsh for acne-prone skin. (Alexa, play Ironic by Alanis Morisette.)

  1. Balance Me Flash Cleanse Micellar Water
  2. Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash
  3. Balance Me BHA Exfoliating Concentrate
  4. Balance Me Congested Skin Serum
  5. Balance Me Pre and Probiotic Radiance Cream

The Clearer Skin Edit is a 5-step routine featuring two products new to Beauty at The Fragrance Shop: the Pre and Probiotic Radiance Cream, and the Pure Skin Face Wash. The Pre and Probiotic Radiance Cream arrived this month and we are fully obsessed; the lightweight gel moisturiser was created specifically for blemish-prone, sensitive and mature skin. The bio-active Pre and Probiotic formula strengthens the skin’s protective barrier while olive squalane and hyaluronic acid lock in moisture and boosts hydration.

The moisturiser is, of course, the final step of the routine, so we’ll talk you through the rest now…

  1. Apply several pumps of the Flash Cleanse Micellar Water (30ml) to a cotton pad and wipe your day away before cleansing. The non-drying, no-rinse formula refreshes and soothes skin with 99% natural Chamomile and a natural peptide complex, ensuring it’s suited for even the most sensitive skin
  2. The Pure Skin Face Wash (20ml) is brand new to Beauty at The Fragrance Shop through this edit. The jelly cleanser leaves skin clear, radiant and refreshed, with a naturally sulphate-free formula that doesn’t strip or irritate the skin. This will give you a deep cleanse, reducing breakouts and balancing excess oil while tightening pores
  3. The BHA Exfoliating Concentrate (20ml) is a Salicylic Acid-rich, leave-on chemical exfoliation that gently removes dead skin cells, fights blackheads, reduces blemishes, targets enlarged pores and improves hydration to reveal softer and brighter skin. Carefully formulated to suit all skin types (even hormonal skin), this concentrate is a calming and anti-inflammatory blend of bio-active ingredients that complement the acids to keep it smooth and hydrated.
  4. The Congested Skin Serum (15ml – full size!) is Balance Me’s hero on-the-spot gel. Super calming and gentle, it settles inflammation and hurries blemishes away without causing dryness or bacteria thanks to its anti-bacterial blend of essential oils that work to eliminate acne-causing bacteria.
  5. Finally, hydrate and moisturise your skin with the lightweight Pre and Probiotic Radiance Cream (10ml) mentioned above to lock it all in!

Packaged in 100% recycled card and eco laminate gift boxes and printed with vegetable based ink, the Balance Me Clearer Skin Edit is now available from Beauty at The Fragrance Shop for £35.00.

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