Looking for skincare that’s actually going to make a difference? Meet DISCIPLE, the London based skincare brand taking over the beauty industry by storm.

What is the brands story?  

DISCIPLE is a London-based wellness company created for stressed-out mind and body, founded by Psychotherapist Charlotte Ferguson. Anxiety, stress and low mood can cause inflammatory skin issues such as adult-acne, eczema and premature ageing.

DISCIPLE products are unique in that they work, not only on the surface of the skin but the adaptogen rich formulas help the body and mind deal with internal stress too.  

How does DISCIPLE differ from other skincare brands?  

What is Psychotherapeutic Skincare and what are the benefits?  

Our mental health + physical well-being is intrinsically linked. Anxiety, stress and low mood can cause inflammation in the body. High levels of cortisol (our body’s natural stress hormone) can lead to adult-acne, eczema + psoriasis, premature aging + more. 
Not only did Charlotte observe this with her own experiences of stress + anxiety, she also noticed similar occurrences in her psychotherapy patients.⠀ 
Disciple products are unique in that they work not only on the surface of the skin but the adaptogen rich formulas help the body and mind deal with internal stress too. 

Top DISCIPLE Skincare Picks for Summer  

Disciple Juicy Mist – Rejuvenating Orange Blossom water and plumping Aloe Juice are spiked with moisture magnet Hyaluronic Acid for an instant boost of glowy hydration. The zingy citrus scent of anti-inflammatory Neroli and Bergamot essential oil makes this face mist the perfect go to on hot summer days to give the skin a lightweight moisture surge. Keep in your bag to refresh and revive after a long day or give a morning wake-up spritz. 

Disciple Discovery Kit – Ideal for travelling and the perfect intro to DISCIPLE. 

Disciple Good Skin is a 100% active botanical face oil. Formulated with break-out-prone skin in mind, this oil is rich in essential fatty acids, hormone balancing essential oils and bad bacteria fighting prebiotics. GOOD SKIN clears, brightens and nourishes tricky skin. 

Disciple Dreamy Skin – Pretty much everything you need in a night oil, this powerhouse treatment helps regenerate skin cells while you sleep – reducing pigmentation, pore size, fine lines and boosting firmness. DREAMY SKIN is specifically designed for acne prone skin too – the perfect anti-aging, anti-dark spot, anti huge-pore night treatment to correct damage and boost radiance.  

Disciple Downtime Mask – deeply hydrating mask for summer. 

Wake up looking and feeling refreshed & Rejuvinated. Retinyl helps smooth away the signs of stress. Hyaluronic acid leaves your skin plump & glowy and adaptogenic plant extracts leave your mind well rested. Cucumber, green tea + camomile soothe away any irritation and help rebalance overnight (or over-flight). 

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