Refillable beauty is shortly becoming the next big step towards reducing environmental impact within the industry. Armani Code Parfum is the newest refillable fragrance from Armani, designed as part of their eco-conception approach.

Strong yet sensitive, Armani Code Parfum reinvents the olfactory signature of the original Armani Code fragrance.

Retaining its woody aromatic and sensual identity, Armani Code Parfum captures the Armani Code quintessence expressed through the fragrance’s aromatic top notes and powerfully masculine base notes.

New and striking, the olfactory signature scent is designed to last, with a 150ml refill which can top up any of the other size bottles.

Discover Armani Code’s signature notes

Top notes: Armani Code Parfum opens with bright top notes of Vert de Bergamote and Bergamot Heart, both sourced from Calabria, Italy.

The Vert de Bergamote is extracted using molecular distillation, allowing the perfumer to carefully select a specific molecular segment of the Bergamot.

This innovative and exclusive technique of crafting the note captures the Bergamot’s fresh and green top note while creating a long-lasting freshness.

Heart notes: The sophisticated heart of the fragrance is composed of Clary Sage Heart, sourced from Provence in the South of France and is driven by the fusion of Iris notes.

This blend of natural, Resinoid Iris from Morocco, and synthetic, Aldehydes of Iris lends a new sensitivity to the aromatic Armani Code signature.

Base notes: Drawing on the heritage of the original Armani Code fragrance, the scents powerful base is characterised by Tonka Bean from Brazil.

Together with Cedar Wood Heart from Virginia, USA, Armani Code Parfum’s base notes create a powerful aroma that lingers on the skin all day long.

Top tip: To obtain a long-lasting trail, spritz on your wrists and neck then complete by spraying in a double ring-gesture around your head and towards your shoulders.

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