Save 20% on Westlab with Beauty at The Fragrance Shop in April 2021

Rest. Recover. Refresh. Relax. That’s the mission of Westlab bath salts, and they sound just as divine as the products feel. Even more divine? For one week only, we’re giving you 20% off all products.

That’s right, when you shop Westlab bath salts from Beauty at The Fragrance Shop between Wednesday 7th April and Tuesday 13th April, you’ll save 20% off the UK’s favourite Bath Salts brand. Made with all-natural, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients delivered in recycled packaging, Westlab is the brand making life-enriching mineral-based wellbeing experiences possible at home.

Whether you’re simply looking for a new bath-time treat that calms or need a spa-like treatment that relaxes your muscles and improves your sleep, Westlab has something for everyone.

Save 20% on Westlab with Beauty at The Fragrance Shop in April 2021

From the Dead Sea to the Himalayan Mountains, Westlab responsibly sources its natural ingredients to make pharmaceutically-approved combinations without any extra fuss. Known for using hero ingredients such as Magnesium and Epsom, each product serves a specific purpose to cater to our body’s various needs.

As it’s currently Stress Awareness Month, we should make a point of highlighting their Sleep and Recover Bath Salts, as their benefits are not purely physical. In 2019, Westlab asked nearly 300 people to test these products and the results were astonishing (until you try them for yourself and realise it’s true!).

Save 20% on Westlab with Beauty at The Fragrance Shop in April 2021

Without getting too mathematical here, 98% felt more relaxed after using the Recover Bath Salt and 80% said they had a better nights sleep after using the Sleep Bath Salt. Made with White Willow, Eucalyptus and Arnica (Recover) and Lavender, Jasmine and Valerian (Sleep), these Alchemy bath salts create a blissful bath-mosphere but more importantly improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Bath salts aren’t all Westlab do, though. For people on the go, they have created Shower Wash products with the same salt minerals (Dead Sea, Himalayan). For anyone after the quick thrill of dropping a bath bomb, try their Cleansing Bath Fizzers that do more for you than just fizz.

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