Happy Fairtrade Day! Why not celebrate by treating yourself to Dr Bronner’s ethically sourced bodycare range?

They’re not only a Fairtrade brand, they’re also organic and cruelty-free! A lot of us in the office have fallen in love with Dr Bronner’s skin-kind formulas, so we’re revealing our staff top picks. All these have been tried, tested, and given The Fragrance Shop seal of approval.


Orange-Lavender Organic Body Lotion 237ml | £11.49

“I like to use this before bed, since the orange-lavender fragrance is really soothing. It’s incredibly moisturising – without making my skin greasy.”

All-One Rose Castile Bar Soap 140g | £5.69

“It’s hard to find a good bar of soap that doesn’t make my skin feel dry afterwards. This one moisturises by skin and leaves a sweet smell of rose…lovely!”


18-In-1 Hemp Almond Pure-Castile Soap 237ml | £8.79

“This smells incredible and lathers really well. Because the ingredients are gentle, it’s very versatile. I can use it on my hair, teeth and makeup brushes – I can even wash my dog with it!”


Peppermint Organic Lip Balm 4g | £3.99

“This lip balm has a really soft, creamy formula that melts really well onto my lips. The peppermint flavour is really uplifting too!”

18-In-1 Hemp Baby Unscented Pure-Castile Soap 237ml | £8.79

“I have really sensitive skin but this unscented castile soap works wonders! I use it to take of my makeup, and the hemp extract has soothed my redness and made my skin really soft.”


All-One Cherry Blossom Pure-Castile Bar Soap 140g | £5.69

“The soap was really gentle and left my skin feeling really soft with a subtle cherry blossom fragrance. If you love layering scents, this is a must-have!’ -Emily

Have you treated yourself to one of Dr Bronner’s Fairtrade gems yet? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!