Shop Eau de Juice exclusively at The Fragrance Shop

Feelin’ thirsty? Consider it quenched! The Fragrance Shop is here to serve you Eau de Juice.

Eau de Juice is the debut perfume collection from Cosmopolitan, which originally debuted in the US in 2019. Fronted by ultimate cool girl Ashley Benson, the four perfumes are fresh AF and cool AF – and gives you the perfect perfume for every mood. Now, we’ve bagged them for our UK babes exclusively at The Fragrance Shop!

Pure Sugar, Extra Concentrated, 100% Chilled and Love, Unfiltered are the four delicious Eau De Parfums in Cosmo’s debut collection. We were obsessed with the names (and the super cute cartons) from the jump but we had one burning question: Are they legit or will they just make us look cool on IG…?

Shop Eau de Juice exclusively at The Fragrance Shop

Good news, gang! The real magic of these four scents is there’s one for everyone. Whether you’re into Amber, feeling Fruity, seeking Floral or wanting a Woody moment, Eau de Juice hits the spot. Now, let’s get into the menu…

Pure Sugar is the sweetest of the bunch. Hailed as ‘the cutest fragrance ever created’, it combines floral and fruity notes for a saccharine treat. Top notes of Wild Strawberry and Pink Grapefruit make an irresistible first sip, giving way to Pink Pepper and Plum Blossom at the heart and leaving a sweet aftertaste of Jasmine Sambac and Praline.

Feeling extra? With Extra Concentrated, it’s in the same. This Fruity fragrance is one for the Boujee babes out there. A prominent Champagne accord sets the scene for this flirtatious scent, which dries down to Patchouli and Amber. One for the party!

Love, Unfiltered is as romantic as the name suggests. A gorgeous blend of Fruity and Floral notes give a youthful twist to the Amber and White Woods that lay this fragrance’s foundation. Our favourite ingredient? Star Jasmine at the heart. Timeless.

Shop Eau de Juice exclusively at The Fragrance Shop

One for when you’re feeling cosy, maybe even a touch mysterious, but entirely unbothered and just wanna make yourself feel good? 100% Chilled. A luxe base of Cashmere Woods, Musk and Sandalwood is enriched with Orange Blossom and Bergamot, giving you the kind of serene glow and ‘laxed vibes everyone will want.

Now, what’s your flavour? All four Eau de Juice perfumes come in 50ml cartons for just £29.50 (we should reiterate here: it’s an Eau de Parfum – bargain!).

Eau de Juice is now available in the UK exclusively at The Fragrance Shop.