Thinking of treating a loved one to a special fragrance, but not sure if you should be shopping for an Eau De Toilette (EDT) or Eau De Parfum (EDP)? Our experts are here to help.

Fragrance shopping can be difficult enough given everyone’s unique tastes, but it’s important to know whether the person you’re buying for prefers an Eau De Toilette or Eau De Parfum, too.

Concentration: What’s the difference between an Eau De Parfum and an Eau De Toilette?

The only difference between these fragrances are the concentration levels. Generally, EDT’s have lower concentration levels of around 8 – 12%, while EDP’s have a concentration level of 12 – 18%. These do vary between brands and products, but an EDP will always have higher concentration levels than an EDT.

This is where your research comes in. You need to find out if your friend, mum, boyfriend, or whoever else you’re shopping for, likes their perfume to be strong and last long (EDP), or if they prefer it to be a little lighter and potentially more delicate (EDT).

Longevity: How long do Eau De Parfum’s and Eau De Toilette’s last?

An EDP lasts for around four to five hours, which makes it perfect for a night out scent or a special occasion. EDT’s are good for those who wear their perfume throughout the daytime as it normally lasts for two to three hours and is a little lighter than an EDP. These are perfect for not overwhelming your colleagues as you wander through the office. So, if you’re shopping for an everyday fragrance wearer, an EDT will be the one for them.

Skin Chemistry

Keep in mind that fragrances may interact differently with various skin types due to skin chemistry. If the person has dry skin an Eau de Parfum may be a better choice as it tends to last longer, for oily skin an Eau de Toilette may be more suitable. Consider your loved ones skin type and check if their favorite fragrance is available in the preferred concentration.

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