What’s the big deal?

If you haven’t heard about the revolutionary skincare and beauty regime that is K-Beauty, where have you been? K-Beauty, or Korean Beauty, is one of the latest crazes full of products and ingredients that claims to leave your skin looking and feeling as youthful as you are. At first glance, it can be a lot to take in – ingredients you’ve never heard of and a skincare regime with more steps in than your FitBit counts in a day. So, we’ve broken it down into a short guide that’s easy for you to understand. Just sit back and watch your skin glow up.

Eau Natural

All natural and pure ingredients are key in Korean Beauty. The concept itself is motivated and inspired by nature, and it means that your skin is pure, clean and chemical-free. Some of the main elements featured are: avocado, egg, cactus, aloe vera, ginseng, honey, lotus and snail slime. As well as these (not entirely appealing) ingredients, hydration is a super important component and so many products are water-based. Your skin should drink as much as you do, really.

10-step Routine

They see it as more of a lifestyle and less of a ‘routine’. It’s not a chore, its their me-time and they savour it in a way that we all probably should. Less of the self-care that involves accidentally-on-purpose drinking a whole bottle of red by ourselves while singing our hearts out to One Direction (we’re not saying never do that), but a daily skincare routine might be more sustainable. If we turn it into part of the day that we look forward to like the Koreans do, it might even turn out to be fun and beneficial to our skin.

No Overnight Recipe

These products and routines weren’t designed to work overnight. They’re made to be a long-term process. In the same way that a fad diet may work temporarily, but the results can be lost as easily as you get them. A consistent routine using healthy products will produce results that last. Customise your routine so that it’s tailored to your personal issues and target areas for healthy, hydrated and bouncy skin that stays fresh.

As well as being phenomenally good for your skin, there are other benefits that K-Beauty products have. In 2016 a bill was passed in Korea to enforce that by the end of last year (2018), all beauty production must be animal-cruelty free. It’s good for the skin and for the soul, with its signature bright, happy and colourful packaging, Korean products won’t fail to warm your heart as you use them. Their unique essences and sheet masks are full of multivitamin boosters which are full of natural and organic goodness that your skin will thank you greatly for.

K-Beauty is just an all-round source of health and happiness for your mind, skin and soul. We’re a little behind on the trend as it originally became popular in its origin 10-12 years ago having derived from a time thousands of years ago when people were looking at a way to heal sun damage through natural components. It’s not seen as skincare to Koreans, it’s self-care in the same way that they brush their teeth or wash their hair.