Creating revolutionary skincare and effortless beauty, Wonderskin is the latest beauty brand to have launched at The Fragrance Shop.

Best known for their Lip Stains that recently took over TikTok by storm, we caught up with Director Marina Kalenchyts to find more out about the breakthrough brand.

How did Wonderskin originate?  

Wonderskin is a Covid baby, when Wonder Blading technology was developed in our lab to replace some salon procedures for at home treatments.

When people couldn’t go to salons and do lip blushing or brow blading, we came up with technology that let people get long lasting lip/brow color that feels like nothing on skin under a minute with no special skills needed. 

The application was fun and soon everybody started showing it off on their socials and Wonder Blading Lip Stain went viral with millions of views on TikTok and Instagram. We continued developing products that are long-lasting, multi-tasking and minimise beauty routines.

What is the brand’s ethos?  

We believe transparency is critical in today’s beauty world. Our community deserve to know exactly what we stand for and what we commit to as a business when creating our products.

1. We’ll bring you breakthrough beauty that works better for you 

Using first-of-its-kind breakthrough technology, we create powerhouse beauty solutions that work with you and for you. 

We bring together the world’s best scientists, cosmetic chemists, beauty experts and product developers in our Beauty Innovation Lab – all so we can deliver results you’ll love from the very first use (and every day after that). 

2. We’ll create solutions that are relevant to you 

We constantly challenge ourselves to look at exactly what you need to feel more wonderful. So, we create sublime-feeling formulas that work with you. A foundation which lets you control your glow, an all-day lip that aligns with your own body chemistry, a quick super-nourishing mask that lets you get on with your day.

Our community includes makeup artists, skincare pros, beauty influencers – and you – so keep on telling us what you’d love us to conjure up in our Beauty Innovation Lab.

3. Let’s empower, inspire and uplift

We’re a community who believes in lifting up. We support each other with ways to feel empowered – and promise to give you solutions that make life easier, put you in control, and help you be your most confident #wonderyou.

4. We’ll always keep it conscious

A commitment to making the safest, most responsible and sustainable products runs through everything we do. Our brand packaging is currently 30% sustainable, and we aim to make it 100% by 2025 (or sooner if we can!).

We’re totally transparent about what’s in our formulas, and we never test on animals. Our formulas are free of parabens, sulfates and gluten – and 90% are vegan.

5. Beauty. Is. Open

Breakthrough beauty is for everyone. We create easy-to-use, affordable products and formulas that deliver results you can see every day – and we’ll keep on innovating to make feel-good solutions and wonderful skin available to all.

What makes your products unique?

Most of our make-up products are long-lasting, smudge-proof and waterproof and our skincare is multifunctional with either immediate +long-term effect, innovative packaging or combination of skincare and a face tool.

Your wonder Blading Lip Stain went viral on TikTok, what are your top tips for using the product?

Our top tip for using Lip Stain product is to exfoliate lips before the application, so the color is nice and even. 
Lip Stain can be worn on it’s own or under other high pigmented color lipsticks (If you want lipstick texture) for big events. 

What top 2 products would you recommend to someone trying Wonderskin for the first time?

Wonder Blading Lip Stain Masque– no need for activator, apply and wipe with wet wipe to reveal the longwear color. 

Dream- Brow Gel-Serum- color + texture thanks to silk fibers + hold for 24h, you can sweat, you can swim, cry, get caught in the rain- your brows will stay perfect.

What beauty trends do you think will be big for 2023? 

  • Vintage makeup, a lot of color, rockstar eye makeup, heavy eyeliners 
  • Self-care and more time spent on beauty 
  • Perfect, glowing skin with skincare instead of makeup 

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