21 years after FLOWER BY KENZO first launched, a new Eau De Toilette has arrived to offer a refreshing new twist on the sensual classic.

The original FLOWER BY KENZO Eau De Parfum was created in 2000 to bring fragrance to a scentless flower, the poppy. Its Floral-Musk scent is now signature to the ever-growing range of imagined poppies – Flower Eau De Vie, Flower Eau Florale, Flower In The Air, Flower Eau De Lumiere… this list goes on.

The KENZO flower’s latest incarnation is a lighter and brighter edition of the EDP, keeping hold of its sensuality while inviting new refreshing twists to excite your upcoming Spring and Summer.


FLOWER BY KENZO Eau De Toilette sparkles. Top notes of Sicilian Lemon, Mandarin Orange and Litchi meet to send a slight sunkissed, citrus shiver down your spine. This ultra-fresh first impression introduces its floral heart – Rosewater and Bulgarian Damask Rose with a Mimosa fizz – shared by the subtly sensual KENZO woman.


The sparkling heart notes melt into FLOWER BY KENZO’s signature base blend of powdery White Musk and enticing Vanilla, paired with Amber and Patchouli for a truly effervescent finish. Crafted by master Perfumer Alberto Morillas – the creator of FLOWER BY KENZO – the unique Eau De Toilette embodies celebrated femininity more than ever.

Available in a 30ml Spray (£39.50) and 50ml Spray (£56.50), FLOWER BY KENZO EDT is bottled in a new edition of its classic tilted, clear glass. The poppy stands elegant and tall, with its red petals turned a rosier pink under the glistening sunshine.

If you’re looking for a lighter fragrance this Spring, something bright yet sensual with an essence of freedom, the KENZO BY FLOWER Eau De Toilette won’t disappoint. Its citrus opening, floral heart and flirtatious base work together to give you an endlessly inviting appeal.

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