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Few beauty brands have infiltrated the industry at such a rapid pace like FOREO since 2013, when the Swedish skincare gurus broke through with their award-winning devices that transformed daily routines into daily rituals.

FOREO face brushes have reinvented the wheel when it comes to cleansing, hydrating and even treating acne blemishes. The legendary LUNA Face Brush has been reimagined several times over to treat even the most sensitive skin to anti-aging treatments with futuristic skin analysers that achieve a 100% personalised skincare routine depending on your own needs.

Whether you’ve got oily or dry skin and acne scars we long to see gone, FOREO’s state of the art tech has revolutionised at-home treatments to upgrade your daily routine. The best things in life are never free but we have the next best thing for you as Beauty at The Fragrance Shop currently has 25% off all FOREO products! Even our Skincare of the Month pick hasn’t escaped this promotion, meaning it’s not one to miss.

FOREO | LUNA mini 2 Dual-Sided Face Brush for all skin types – Aquamarine | £100.00 NOW £75.00

The FOREO LUNA mini 2 and LUNA mini 3 are both skincare heroes. Made with extra-gentle silicone touchpoints, they’ll transform your 60-second cleansing routine every morning and night to expertly remove sweat, oil and dirt from the pores to reveal a fresh and healthy-looking complexion. Right now, the LUNA mini 2 even comes with a FREE Facial Cleanser 20ml to save you paying extra right away!

The FOREO Micro-Foam Cleanser 20ml is also discounted, though, so why not stock up? Down from £9.00 to £6.75, the cream-to-foam cleanser is gentle enough to use twice a day without drying the skin, and is the perfect companion to your LUNA device.

FOREO | ESPADA- Blue Light Acne Treatment | £129.00 NOW £96.75

For those looking to treat their acne scars, the ESPADA Blue Light Acne Treatment device is a marvel. The non-invasive treatment targets blemishes with surgical precision, combining blue light therapy and T-Sonic pulsations to eliminate acne for clearer, healthier skin, without spreading acne-causing bacteria. Anyone who has struggled with acne (I see you!) before will know how many treatments aren’t enough, but the ESPADA device comes with a 2-year warranty because that’s how confident they are… and how well it works.

There are plenty more where these came from, so take a look at the full FOREO range from Beauty at The Fragrance Shop and save yourself 25% off!