It’s the weekend, it would be rude not to treat ourselves. Right?

We love the idea of indulging at the weekends, and there is something super special about shopping for a new scent. It’s a new self-brand identity, a new way of portraying ourselves through our senses. This week’s specially chosen fragrances are ones that we know you will love. From new brands and old, there is always something at The Fragrance Shop for everyone.

Addictive. Explosive. Amber. The setting of the sun is majestic, calming and often. A riot exemplifies upheaval and defiance mixed with energy and hope. An imperfect balance. Sunset Riot, a woody floral fragrance, is part of our new unisex fragrance collection. The key note is pink pepper, offering a tingling floral and rose scent. Orange flower’s citrus kick gives a lightly punchy and fresh edge, whilst base notes of cedarwood complete the perfume with a richly warm and earthy finish that balances the coolness of orange flower.

Trussardi Uomo belongs to a typically masculine olfactive family: woody fougère. Head notes have the fresh Italian elegance of lemon, bergamot, galbanum, and nutmeg. Within the heart notes is the refined virile blend of clary sage, geranium and violet. The apotheosis of sensuous strength arrives with the base notes of patchouli and musk and leather accords. The bottle reveals refined, contemporary design, which is a core cultural element of the Trussardi fashion house. Decisive, shiny, and intensely black, it has gold metal trim and a cylindrical gold-tone zamak cap with the emblem on top. The gold name and emblem also decorate the bottle.

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