New weekend, new scent?

It’s PAYDAY weekend! Obviously the perfect time to treat yourself to a new bottle of your favourite fragrance. Why not try something new? These are our fragrances for the week, two that we know you’ll love for the summer season. They’ll also make fantastic gifts if you have a friend, family member or colleague to shop for, you just can’t go wrong with a bottle of fragrance!

Ralph Lauren Safari aftershave for men is an exotic medley of floral notes and citrus scents. The men’s fragrance is gently warmed by the essences of bourgeon de cassis, Italian jasmine and fleur d’orange. The perfect daily aftershave to release your wilder side.

Inspired by the playful shifts of the blue ocean waves or a clear blue sky on a summer day, truly dazzling punctuates the ordinary with cheerful optimism. Combining the salt of the ocean with a youthful spirit, truly dazzling is an aquatic oasis.

All prices are correct as of date published.