Happy Friday! Here’s the fragrances you need to accompany whatever you’re doing this weekend.

Every Friday we select one perfume for women and one aftershave for men to give you some inspiration if you’re planning on treating yourself to a new scent this weekend. If you’ve not got plans, we want you to sit at home and smell fabulous. If you’re planning a big night out or heading out for Sunday brunch, show off your new favourite fragrance. Take a look at this weekend’s recommendations.

3 essences to reconnect with nature and feel joyful again. Through the initial perfume and two new fragrances, the Gioia Collection offers the joyful experience of beautiful, fascinating nature. The power of water captured in Acqua di Gioia is joined by the message of hope of Sky di Gioia, the radiant happiness of the new Sun di Gioia, and the exhilarating energy of the new Air di Gioia. The olfactory score of the new women’s fragrance is an Italian melody of mandarin-neroli, a “salty floral” refrain composed of peony, ylang-ylang, and orange blossom, all on the base of a woody, patchouli-Cashmeran hymn with a hint of moss. The wake is buoyant and euphoric, as free and exhilarating as pure, fresh air.

Daisy Love Eau So Sweet perfume for women captures the addictive and irresistible spirit of Daisy Love with an unexpected sweet freshness. Sparkling white raspberries reveal a lustrous personality while a soft floral airiness and delicate musk immerse you in the sweetness of the moment. This fresh gourmand fragrance creates an enticing atmosphere that truly embraces its name. 

All prices are correct as of date published.