Entering the new year with brow goals? Here’s how to reach them.

Whether you’ve overdone it with the tweezers or booked one too many wax appointments this year, or you’re simply fed up of trying to re-shape your brows in their current state, growing them out could be the best idea you’ve had yet. It might sound like a mammoth mission (it might feel like it too), but there are tips and tricks to speed up the process and help to make 2020 your best brow year yet.

Put the tweezers down

If this wasn’t already assumed, you should put your tweezers somewhere you won’t be going to grab them anytime soon (out of sight, out of mind kind of thing). You might have to go between six months to a year without plucking them in order for them to grow, so if you think you might be tempted, hide your tweezers away somewhere safe.

Invest in a growth serum

If you need a little extra help growing your brow hair, a growth serum will do you wonders. Oils like Vitamin E and castor oil help to make your brows fuller and bushier as well as encouraging growth of hair.

Keep them clear of your skincare

When you use heavy skincare products like night creams and moisturisers, you could clog up the hair follicles around your eyebrows. This could cause the hairs to fall out and stop growth from happening. When you put them on your face, simply avoid the brow area and put a growth serum there instead.

Use exfoliator

Exfoliating your brow area regularly will stimulate growth around the hair follicles. This will boost how fast the hair grows and make them look and feel fuller, quicker.

For now, work with what you’ve got

Use a brow pencil or gel to enhance the look of your brows for the time being. This won’t be a permanent change, but it will be an every day one! So, grab yourself some brow gear and get your eyebrows together ready for a journey of growth.

Feature image: Ana Francisconi from Pexels