If you want a simple way to inject your personality into your home, why don’t you coordinate your scents?

Scent has always been the most impactful way to assert your personality and style. A spritz of perfume is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, and an exquisite home fragrance can set the mood in a matter of seconds.

Add some of your personal flair to your space by matching your home fragrance to your signature scent. It doesn’t have to be an exact match; you can extend your perfume by selecting a home fragrance with complimenting notes, resulting in a scent completely unique to you.

We’ve matched four popular scents with their corresponding home fragrances, so you can flaunt your style inside and out.

Yves Saint Laurent | Black Opium EDP 90ml | £101.00


It’s safe to say that YSL’s Black Opium is a firm fan favourite. The mix of sweet pear, spicy patchouli and devilish black coffee is perfect for the modern-day It Girl.

La Montana | Alfredo’s Café Reed Diffuser 120ml | £35.00

If you want your home to smell warm and sensual along with you, we suggest La Montana’s Alfredo’s Café. Modelled after a real café in Spain, it adds tobacco and brandy to a base of coffee and incense. Apparently, they get a lot of requests to turn it into a wearable cologne so watch this space…

Jean Paul Gaultier | Scandal Pour Homme EDP 50ml | £55.50

Scandal Pour Home delights the senses with peaceful clary sage, creamy caramel and delicious tonka bean on a bed of smoky vetiver. It’s an aftershave for those who want traditionally comforting notes with a bit of an edge.

Stoneglow | Dark Amber and Vetiver Candle 220g | £25.00

The patchouli and jasmine in Stoneglow’s Dark Amber and Vetiver Candle will compliment Scandal Pour Homme’s clary sage and tonka bean while the synonymous amber and vetiver match the aftershave’s dark, inviting base.

Carolina Herrera | Bad Boy EDP 50ml | £50.00

Bad Boy by Carolina Herrera begins with bergamot and pepper before drying down into a base of tonka, cocoa, and cedarwood.

Max Benjamin | Mezquinta Incence Candle 200g | £50.00

Max Benjamin’s travel-inspired collection, Andalucia Voyage includes the Mezquinta Incence Candle which blends beautifully with Le Male. Matching Bad Boy’s bergamot and cedarwood, it also adds patchouli (which pairs well with pepper) and balsamic labdanum resin.

Rhizome | 05 EDP 100ml | £96.00 05 Candle 180g | £35.00

Not match-y enough? If you want your home to smell exactly like you then you have to try Rhizome. A niche brand, they create high-quality scents in both fragrance and candle-form. Our favourite is 05, which is a soft amber scent with nutmeg, musk and geranium.