Maskne, the new kid on the block, and how to stand your ground.

While a lot of things about our lives are returning to something of a normality in this transition to the next stage of the Coronavirus pandemic, one thing that looks like it could be here to stay (at least for a while), is the face mask. It’s mandatory to wear them on public transport and in shops, salons and doctors surgeries, and many of us have gone out of our way to support small businesses, help the planet and buy reusable ones. Wearing them protects ourselves as well as others, however one thing they might not be wholly protecting is our precious skin. Maskne (acne) and breakouts are common in the areas of our face which are regularly covered by the masks, regardless of what type you have. But, fear not! There are things you can do to help your skin and try to prevent maskne from happening.

Cleanse properly twice a day

Especially during these warmer months, wearing a mask can make us sweaty. A build up of sweat under the fabric, mixed with any makeup you might be wearing, will leave sebum and dirt lingering on your skin and around your pores. Cleaning your face properly in the morning and evening will help to prevent breakouts, but be sure not to over cleanse. If you’ve been excessively sweating, a gentle cleanse around the effected area will remove sebum from the skin without stripping it, but otherwise twice a day should suffice in keeping your skin clear. These are our favourite cleansers from Indulge Beauty that will be sure to help you with any maskne issues.

Avoid makeup where possible

We know it’s not totally feasible to never wear makeup when you know you’ve to a mask on. Perhaps you’re commuting to and from the office and want to wear makeup to work, or it might just be for that short taxi ride to the bar. However if you are just wearing it to go and do your food shop or run errands, embrace the makeup-less life and save yourself (and your skin) some hassle. You might still get a bit sweaty, especially while the weather is still warm, but by not mixing makeup into the equation you’re doing your skin a huge favour.

Wash your mask regularly

You wouldn’t wash your face with a dirty face cloth, would you? At least not five times over, right? So, you also wouldn’t wear the same sweaty, makeup-dirtied mask day in, day out. These reusable masks are great for so many reasons, but it’s important that you have a few of them handy in order to wash them regularly. Keeping them clean means that you can easily keep your face clean and this will help to steer maskne away.

Got any of your own tips and tricks to help your skin in this strange time? Let us know in the comments!

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Feature image: Anna Shvets from Pexels