Is there truly a red lip for every skin tone?

It’s a myth that has long been told, that you won’t suit a certain lipstick colour depending on your skin tone. A simple red lip has been made so complicated. Gone are the days of choosing a shade because you like it; now we must ensure that it suits us, fits our skin tone and that we like it at least a little. So what’s this all about? We asked Award Winning MUA, Stacey Whittaker, for her expert advice.

Is it true that there is a right red lip for every skin tone?

“I don’t like to think that there are rights and wrongs when it comes to makeup and therefore I wouldn’t say that there is necessarily a ‘right’ red lip for everyone. I do think it is best to try a few out on the inside of your wrist and look at what sits best against your skin. This is such a personal choice though so don’t get caught up in what shade you feel you should be wearing and instead wear which one makes you feel the best.”

How do we find our perfect red lipstick?

“I think a lot of it is trial and error. It depends what tone you would like from berry reds to blue toned reds. It also depends on the finish you would like. There are matte finishes, crème finishes and gloss finishes. As mentioned above, try them on the inside of your wrist and see which one pops out to you. Try them on your lips as swatches together and see which one is your favourite. Different red tones can make your teeth appear whiter too, so it’s always great to try them on.”

What shades of red fit what skin tones?

“I love the Kat Von D Underage Red for a universal shade. The strong blue undertones will suit most skin tones and it really makes blue eyes pop whilst making your teeth look super white too. Definitely one of my favourites. For fairer skin tones I like to opt for a pink, berry toned red as it will sit beautifully against porcelain skin. If you are medium toned you are lucky as almost all red shades will suit you. I love an orange pop of red throughout summer with minimal eye makeup and a hint of eyeliner for winter months. If you are dark toned I like to opt for a strong blue undertone as it will pair perfectly with your dark complexion. It will also make your teeth and eyes appear stunningly white.”

What’s your go-to red lipstick for daytime wearing?

“My all time favourite red lipstick is MAC Cosmetics So Chaud. It is so easy to wear and makes me feel instantly glamourous.”

Here are some of our favourites:

What’s your favourite trick to finding a good red lip? And what are your all-time favourite shades? Let us know in the comments, we love to know what you think!