This Movember, we’ve teamed up with the experts at Murdock London to bring you pro tips on how to look after your facial hair throughout the month!

Miles, Head Barber Murdock London
Meet Miles, one of the Head barbers at Murdock London who’s been cutting beards at their Covent Garden shop for 10 years!

Q: What are your top tips for those wanting to grow a beard?  

A: My top tip for new beard growers is patience, it takes time for some beards to fill out and a lot of guys end up shaving it off because they assume it won’t get thicker. 

Another tip is regular maintenance, make sure you’re keeping your neck lines/cheek lines tidy because that’s the difference between growing a beard and not just shaving. 

Also, I always tell my clients who are growing their beards out from scratch to let it grow as long as they can before coming in for a trim.

The more you give your barber to work with, the easier it is for us to create what you want! 

Q: How often should you wash your beard and what products should you use? 

A: I shampoo and condition my beard 2-3 times a week, make sure you’re using specific beard shampoo/conditioner.

You need shampoo/conditioner that is sulphate and paraben free, and ideally PH balanced for the skin and hair on your face. Just like ours… 

Murdock London | Murdock Beard Shampoo 250ml | £18.00

Murdock London Murdock Beard Shampoo

How to use: Two – three times a week, massage a thumbnail sized amount into a wet beard to lather and rinse with warm water.

Murdock London | Murdock Beard Conditioner 250ml | £18.00 

Murdock London Murdock Beard Conditioner

How to use: After shampooing, massage a beer-cap sized amount into a wet beard, allow to absorb and rinse with cool water to reduce breakage and promote a healthy shine.  

Q: What should you do if your beard gets itchy and irritated? 

A: This is such a common question, beard moisturiser is our best product for this problem. It moisturises both the facial hair AND the skin underneath, these are the things that cause beard itchiness. 

Murdock London | Murdock Beard Moisturiser 150ml |£24.00

Murdock London Murdock Beard Moisturiser

How to use: The all-in-one beard best seller conditions and softens facial hair and the skin underneath.

Run two pumps upwards through facial hair as close to the skin as possible. Suitable for daily use.

Q: How can you make a beard appear thicker?  

A: Regular shampooing/conditioning will be a huge help in making your beard appear thicker. You want to reduce breakage from the beard by strengthening the hair and keeping it clean.

A quick blow dry with cold air in the morning is a little barber hack for some quick beard volume as well! 

Q: What are the best styling products for facial hair? 

A: The Murdock London Beard Balm is what you need. Ours gives you so much control over styling your beard but with no shine so it still looks completely natural.

Less is more with beard styling in my opinion, a good barber should allow your beard to be easily styled all the way up to your next trim.  

Murdock London | Beard Balm 50g | £18.00 

Murdock London Beard Balm

How to use: Rub a small amount between your fingers and work through the beard until it’s sculpted to your liking. 

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