4 ways to tactically shop fragrance online from the comfort of your own home.

Here at The Fragrance Shop, we want you to get the best out of your experience with us, and that means finding products that you love. Sometimes, especially in the middle of our Coronavirus pandemic, it’s not always as straightforward as heading to the shops to find your perfect fragrance. Whether or not you can easily get to the high street or your local shopping centre, sometimes it’s just easier to browse online and have it delivered to your door. Take note of how to shop fragrance online and you’ll be winning at life.

When it comes to fragrance, this can be tricky, especially when ordering something you’ve never tried before, after all, you can’t smell via the internet (we can all dream).

1. Try before you buy

If you’re planning on ordering a specific fragrance but you’d like to try it on first, a number of our perfumes and aftershaves come with a ‘try it first sample’ so you can do just that. When you buy either a men’s or women’s fragrance that has a little ‘try it first’ logo on it, you’ll receive a free sample of the same fragrance. This enables you to give it a whirl before you commit to opening the full bottle. If, after trying the sample, you decide you’re not happy with it then simply send back the unopened bottle of fragrance and we’ll happily give you a refund. It’ really is as easy as that!

2. Join scentaddict

If you’ve not heard of scentaddict (where have you been?), then welcome to the most innovative membership that allows you to try a difference fragrance every month for just £12. When you join scentaddict, you’ll be sent a luxury travel-size atomiser that’s filled with your first chosen scent. These atomisers are really easy to refill yourself, but just to be helpful, we’ll send you out the refill vials, filled with whatever fragrances you’ve chosen, every month until you end your membership. This is all for just £12 per month! The best bit? You can switch your perfumes and aftershaves around as much as you want. So, if you find you like one so much that you want to try it again, simply switch it back into your fragrance list and it’s yours for another month.

If you decide you really like one, you can redeem your £12 monthly membership fee against any full-size* bottle of that particular fragrance. What’s not to love?

4. Read magazines

Print is not dead, we repeat, print is not dead. It might not be the easiest way to test a fragrance, but along with the joy of flicking through a glossy paper magazine, you will more than likely find scent strips on the fragrance advert pages. So, if you’ve got an old pile of mags hanging around the house, dig through and find all the samples you might have missed. You never know, you might rub one on your wrist and find it’s your new signature scent.

3. Sign up to our newsletter

In our newsletter, not only will you be the first to hear about offers and promotions, but you’ll be the first to hear about brand new fragrances too. This means you can jump onto those ‘try it first’ samples we mentioned earlier, and be the first to use the newest scents on the shelves.

*Scentaddict full-size bottle must be

Edited: 18/08/20