scentaddict festival

Spoiler: don’t take the whole bottle!

Gone are the days of taking scruffy tees, one pair of shorts and a pair of wellies to a festival. These days, we plan our outfits weeks before, take extra just in case we change our minds, and pack our entire makeup collection.

We put so much effort into how we look for those Insta-worthy photos, so really, we should put just as much thought into how we smell. After all, who knows how long we’ll go without a shower while we’re there!

The first rule of taking your favourite fragrance to a festival is to, under no circumstances, pack your whole 100ml bottle! You’ve probably shoved your life into a backpack for the weekend and throwing your precious glass flacon in with the chaos will only cause more havoc.

Another reason not to take a full bottle with you, is that you might lose it or it could so easily get stolen. We all know the risks of leaving valuables in our unlocked, easily accessible tents while we’re off enjoying the music.

There would be nothing worse than getting ready to go, adding your final touches to your look and then realising that someone nabbed your beloved fragrance.

scentaddict pink

Our solution? scentaddict. Our fragrance subscription lets you try a range of over 700 perfumes and aftershaves, without the commitment of buying a full bottle, for only £12 a month!

Plus receive a FREE 8ml travel size atomizer to fill up with your chosen fragrance, so you can keep smelling good throughout the whole weekend.

The chic design comes in a range of colours and will easily fit in your bum bag and so you won’t have to worry about running out or losing it!

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Image: @laramaay