It might seem like an obvious thing, but we all need to know how to wash your hands on a daily basis.

Washing our hands is part of our daily routine, but now it’s appearing to be more important than ever. So, knowing how to wash your hands properly is crucial, but it doesn’t have to be scary. We’ve got plenty of products that will keep your hygiene levels up as well as looking after your hands.


Washing our hands is imperative for keeping yourself clean and free of any germs lurking around. You might assume that your hands are squeaky clean because they don’t look dirty, but that doesn’t mean that they’re germ-free. During your day, you will use your hands to open doors, to pick up phones, to flush the loo, eat your food, and so, so many more things. And so will everyone else. That means, if no one washed their hands, each individual’s germs will be picked up and carried around everywhere. Washing your hands regularly throughout the day will prevent the spreading of unnecessary germs.


– Wet your hands with water
– Apply enough soap so that your whole hands are covered
– Rub your hands together to make bubbles
– Use one hand to wash the back of the other hand and in between the fingers, then repeat with other hand.
– Rub your hands together to continue cleaning in between fingers.
– Rub your palms together and fingers on your palms.
– Rinse your hands with warm water.
– Dry your hands with a disposable towel.
– Use disposable towel to turn off the taps before putting it in the bin.


Cleaning your hands regularly is an easy way to prevent the spread of bacteria. You should try and do it as often as you can, but we all understand that we can’t spend all day with our hands in the sink. So, when are the most important times of day to do so?

The NHS have provided these recommended times as to when to wash your hands.

  • after using the toilet or changing a nappy
  • before and after handling raw foods like meat and vegetables
  • before eating or handling food
  • after blowing your nose, sneezing or coughing
  • before and after treating a cut or wound
  • after touching animals, including pets, their food and after cleaning their cages


If you’re prone to sensitive skin, you might find that your hands could end up feeling and looking dry. When cleaning them, you also need to look after them. So making sure that you have some kind of hand cream or balm will help with any dry skin issues that you might have. Our range of hand-care products feature a whole lot of goodness for your fingers. From soaps, hand washes and hand creams, we have everything you need to ensure that your hands are clean, healthy and feeling good, too.

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