Exclusive to The Fragrance Shop – IKON released its debut line of six vegan Eau De Parfums created entirely from natural and responsibly sourced ingredients. The conscious collection was built to amplify the irreplaceable beauty of nature, both in scent and packaging.

As we all look to ensure the products we use are sustainable, you may wonder: Are fragrances eco-friendly? Can I recycle my bottles? Do the formulas and materials help or harm the planet?

IKON aims for 100% sustainability as the fragrance industry makes changes to catch up. How does it do? Let’s get to know the brand a little better and find out.

What makes fragrance sustainable?

For fragrance to be sustainable, it goes a lot further than recycled packaging, although that is certainly a must.

IKON fragrances are recycled and almost entirely recyclable, with the bottle and its box made with environmentally conscious materials to be waste-free. Made from a lighter and more durable glass, the bottle is topped with a Manchurian ash wood cap. Meanwhile, the bottles themselves are all packaged in simple cardboard cylinder boxes to be compostable.

In addition to the recycled outer materials, the inner formula of fragrances themselves are also sourced in ways that carry minimal impact on the planet. They must reduce carbon footprint by choosing local suppliers to reduce fuel emissions, and work with suppliers who also operate a cruelty-free, eco-friendly work cycle.

Is IKON responsibly sourced?

In one word: Yes. In detail, here’s how:

Manufactured locally, all fragrances are formulated with natural, vegan and responsibly sourced key ingredients for customers who aren’t willing to compromise.

All six of the Eau de Parfum fragrances are made entirely from natural ingredients with the majority sourced and manufactured locally to reduce carbon footprint. Only three naturals are responsibly sourced elsewhere: Sandalwood Oil (Australia), Jasmine Absolute (Egypt) and Pepperwood Oil (Australia).

How are natural ingredients different to synthetic?

The ultimate goal of sustainability is to reduce negative environmental impact and avoidable resource consumption. So, a majority of synthetic fragrances aren’t bad for the environment, per se, as most nowadays are made with all natural oils. However, sustainably made, natural fragrances like IKON give back to the planet with purposeful actions.

The key to sustainability in fragrance is to recycle and replace natural ingredients rather than simply taking from the environment. By responsibly sourcing and working locally, IKON ensures its fragrances are made with love for you and for the planet.

What does IKON smell like?

IKON has six powerful genderless fragrances built around a woody and aromatic essence. Find which natural, sustainable fragrance is right for you…

IKON 914: 20ml100ml

IKON 914 is a refined scent that enriches the skin with a luxurious woody and amber breeze. Its middle notes of Jasmine, Fire Balsam and Oud offer an oriental essence to give you long-lasting freshness reminiscent of a tropical rainforest.

IKON 511: 20ml100ml

IKON 511 is an alluring, aromatic fantasy of a fragrance with intoxicating base notes Dry Amber, Musk and Nagarmotha. Its top notes of Cardamom, Carrot and Elemi subtly spice its warm base to formulate a sophisticated scent that lingers.

IKON 807: 20ml100ml

IKON 807 is a Vanilla, Musk and Amber-based scent that combines a rousing mix of Rosewood, Cardamom, Saffron and Patchouli. Made with responsibly sourced Jasmine Absolute and Sandalwood Oil, 807 offers a precious sensuality that’s simply unforgettable.

IKON 709: 20ml100ml

IKON 709 is the unconventional and deliciously enticing fragrance of the family. The singular top note of Coffee awakens the calming earthy base of Patchouli, Amber and Exotic Woods to create an indulgent and simply irresistible aroma.

IKON 906: 20ml100ml

IKON 906 will hypnotise your fragrance collection with its dramatic Amber, Musk and Patchouli base. Rich top notes of Nutmeg, Black Pepper and Red Fruits fuse with middle notes Jasmine, Tuberose and Ylang to bring an unlikely crispy zest to your everyday.

910: 20ml100ml

IKON 910 is a bold and wildly surprising scent. Uncompromisingly fusing vibrant top notes of Grapefruit and Apple with floral middle notes over a musky base featuring Amber and Moss, the spirited fragrance is here to empower everyone.

IKON have also launched a range of candles, car air fresheners and luxury bundles so you have everything you need to create a holistic experience in your own home.

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