Many of us are lucky enough to live in a society where self-expression is now a form of freedom. We have no boundaries to meet social expectations and we are free to be who we want to be.

Fragrance has played a part in our individual identities for decades. Exponentially more than just a scent, it has potential to create lasting feelings and evoke memories with just one spritz.  

Here at The Fragrance Shop, our #BeYourself campaign pays tribute to the individuality of our diverse customer base and is a celebration of expressing your true self through fragrance. Each of our models and influencers share their story of what makes them unique, hoping to encourage others to be empowered, and embrace their own personal identity.  

Just like our influencers and models featured in the campaign, we want you to share your stories for the chance to be featured on our Instagram! Simply use the hashtag #TFSBEYOURSELF.  

Meet the faces of #BeYourself 

Lauren May

Introducing Lauren May, a model and a strong advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. Growing up she felt like there was no one who looked like her on TV, music videos and fashion magazines.

Today, she’s being her true authentic self, inspired by her absence of cultural role models, she decided to become a curvy model to encourage body positivity, helping others who are struggling with self-image.

Reuben Benks

Reuben is a vitiligo model, most recently appearing in London Fashion Week. Reuben’s autoimmune disorder has been part of his identity his whole life, and he’s learnt to embrace his skin as part of who he is. An advocate for others with vitiligo, he’s encouraging them to be confident in their own skin!  

Brana Alunan

Meet Brana Alunan, transwoman and talented make-up artist. Being a transwoman, Brana knows all about embracing who you are and learning to love yourself. As a make-up artist, she helps others enhance their beauty and to boost their confidence.  

Alex Gilca

Meet Alex, fashion model and influencer. Alex struggled with his confidence and introversion, so he started creating content on social media to get out of his comfort zone, and as a way to express himself through his love of fashion.

Camron Wellington

Camron is an upcoming fashion model with a skin condition called albinism, which means his skin does not produce (much) melanin pigment, but it can also affect eyesight. Growing up with albinism wasn’t easy, but eventually he learned to be confident in his skin and is now an advocate for those with albinism.  

Lizzy Turner

Social media star Lizzy is a make-up artist and content creator. Lizzy struggled with cystic acne in high school, which strongly affected her self esteem. This sparked her interest in makeup, and she has become a successful content creator, teaching others how to embrace their imperfections and express themselves through beauty.  

Jules Cameron De Villiers

Jules is a voice actor and Instagram comedian. Growing up, Jules didn’t feel like she fit in as she was constantly moving to a new city, so she used comedy to express herself and to find a connection with others. During the pandemic, she decided to create comedy sketches on social media which have attracted a community who support and enjoy her content.

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