Remember when we learned why scent was so evocative? We decided to go back to the perfumes and aftershaves of our younger-selves.

We recently discovered how scents can remind us of certain people, places and memories, so here at The Fragrance Shop, we’ve taken a trip down memory lane to reminisce about the fragrances that we used to wear.

Jess MacDonald, 26, PR, Social & Influencer Manager
Fragrance I used to wear: JLo Glow
I used to LOVE Jennifer Lopez’s fragrances, they made me feel so grown up and I can still remember that sweet, tropical smell now! It used to always make me think of holidays and wish I was on a beach somewhere (and the free anklet with the bottle was always an added bonus).

Chloe, 23, Social Media Executive
Fragrance I used to wear: D&G Light Blue
It Reminds me of my 18th birthday party and my first ever boyfriend bought it for me. Was my first ever perfume that I owned and it introduced me to the fragrance world.

Scott, 29, Senior Designer
Fragrance I used to wear: Paco Rabanne 1 million
It’s very leathery. One squirt lasts about 3 days which is great and it brings back some incredible uni memories.

Hannah, 24, Copywriter
Fragrance I used to wear: Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum
I wore this when I was about 17 and I was working in my first weekend job. I can’t even really describe what exactly it reminds me of, but it makes me feel so nostalgic of that time in my life. The friends I had, living in my hometown with my parents, my drive to and from work in the summer, my first drunk nights out, the lot. I suppose it was a significant time in my life, a lot of firsts – first jobs, first boyfriends, first nights out, first car. It’s crazy how it takes me back every time I smell it.

Athina Macpherson, 26, Senior Creative, Content & Campaigns Manager
Fragrance I used to wear: Mugler Angel
It used to be my step mum’s fragrance, she was so glam so it made me feel super grown up and glam as well, I loved it.

Holly Richards, 22, Trade Partnerships Executive
Fragrance I used to wear: Marc Jacobs Daisy
This was the first fragrance my mum ever allowed me to wear. She bought it for my 13th birthday and every time I smell it, it reminds me of such a special part of my childhood – spent in Spain (where I lived at the time) getting the luxury of going to school in the sun and spending my weekends at the beach with friends!

It’s a wonderful thing, memory. Let us know in the comments what your old fragrances remind you of, we hope it bring a smile to your face.

Feature image: Dominika Roseclay from Pexels