Don’t just shove them to the back of your drawer.

January is a time for many things. It’s symbolises a month-long hangover post all the food and drink we have generously consumed over the Christmas. It also feels like a mass clean up while taking the festive decorations down and sincerely attempting to make our homes feel fresh and cosy without all the sparkly lights and sweet smells. Not least, it’s a time to open up those gift sets we got given on Christmas Day and find home for the minis that were so carefully packaged inside. It might be tempting to put them to the back of your cupboard and (with all good intentions) save them for a rainy day. We say, keep them out. Here’s why.

When you pop them in a drawer that you rarely go in, the chances are that you’ll forget about these minis which could mean that they sit there forever before being thrown away in a couple of year’s time (we’ve all done it). So, in order to not let these wonderfully useful tiny products go to waste, we’ve come up with a few changes to make which will ensure that you use them to their full potential.

Put them in your handbag

If your gift set came with a mini fragrance or a hand cream, pop them in your handbag. You never know when you might need a top up spritz or you get invited to impromptu drinks after work and need freshening up. Plus, you can never go wrong with an extra tube of hand cream ready for emergencies.

Put them in your gym bag

Got a mini shower gel or body moisturiser that you’re not sure what to do with? Keep them in the wash bag that you take to the gym with you. Alternatively, you could keep them aside with your other ‘holiday bits’ ready for your next getaway!

Leave them on your coffee table

When it comes to products that we wouldn’t usually use, we end up with a kind of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ dilemma. If it’s not there in front of us, we tend to forget we’ve got it. Our suggestion? Keep everything out in accessible reach. You might not usually feel like you need some hand cream while you’re sat watching the TV on a Tuesday evening, but if it’s there on your coffee table you will more than likely put some on.

Keep it in your car

In the same way that keeping these useful minis in your handbag or gym back is a good idea for emergency plans, sticking them in your car could also be a good idea. If you haven’t got time to dig through your drawer for a perfume when you’re rushing to leave for work, you’ll always have a spare one for an on-the-go spritz.

Basically, what we’re saying is that you shouldn’t let these mini products go to waste. Use them up straight after Christmas, not only will they make January that little bit more exciting while being able to try out some new products, but they’ll also save space in your cosmetics cupboard. You never know when they might come in handy!

Feature image: Her World