Spray the love this Valentine’s Day with our influencer-approved fragrances that’ll make gifting him or her this Valentine’s Day a doddle.

Whether you’re official or not; long term or a new flame; married or about to be; bffs or family, fragrance is the perfect gift… To help you get gifting right this Valentine’s Day (separate from our carefully compiled gift guides for her and him), we reached out to some of our favourite influencers to ask for their help.

Question 1: “what would you want to be gifted this Valentine’s Day?” and question 2: “what will you be gifting this Valentine’s Day?”

Scroll down, read on, and get the Valentine’s gifting inspiration you’re looking for – and, if that’s not enough, you can get up to 50% off fragrances too, just visit The Fragrance Shop online.


“I love a fragrance that is delicate yet strong and rich; something I could wear on our date night that’ll last until the early hours. An oud would be the perfect gift, like Boss Bottled Oud from Hugo Boss.”

Hugo Boss | Boss Bottled Oud
From £67.00

“For my other half, I’d get her a fragrance that absolutely compliments mine – mysterious with rich lavender notes and androgynous in scent – YSL Libre.”

Yves Saint Lauren | Libre
From £78.00


“I believe fragrance is the most wonderful gift to give and receive based on how personal scent can be. For me, an all-time winner is Gucci Bloom – I feel so sophisticated and fresh whenever I wear it!” 

Gucci Bloom | Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori | Gucci Bloom Ambrosia Di Fiori
From £62.00

“My partner loves a strong, distinct smell so I would gift him the rich, powerful and full-bodied fragrance from Hugo Boss, Boss The Scent, as a special treat!”

Hugo Boss | Boss The Scent
From £95.00


“My pick for the decades first Valentine’s Day would be Gucci Memoire. A simple, yet extremely sleek and stylish-looking bottle, holding a striking scent, structured with Indian Coral Jasmine petals (it also comes with a stunning free Gucci pouch they’ll love!). And, to top it off, it’s a unisex scent so everybody wins!”

Gucci | Gucci Memoire
From £54.00


“For me, perfume stems from romance, so a fragrance that reminds me of my loved one is essential. I wore Chanel Coco Mademoiselle on the first date with my boyfriend and since then the smell brings back the happiest of memories. that would be my Valentine’s scent.”

Chanel | Coco Mademoiselle
From £56.50

“For him, I’d gift him Montblanc Explorer – another fragrance with sentimental value as we first picked it up at the airport on our first holiday together.”

Montblanc | Explorer
From £32.50


“I think fragrance is one of the most personalised gifts you can give! My all time favourite is Tom Ford Metallique. The crispness and peppery scents make me feel fresh every time I wear it and the best part is it is perfect to wear both in the day and night.”

Tom Ford | Metallique
From £97.00

“Josef LOVES to wear a distinct, earthy scent so I would gift him Creed Vetiver – it would be perfect!”

Creed | Original Vetiver
100ml EDP £229.00

“I really think someones fragrance says a lot about them, so receiving fragrance as a gift is one of the best things! A winner for me is definitely Tom Ford Ombre Leather. The woody, earthy notes are always my go-to in an aftershave.”

Tom Ford | Ombre Leather
100ml EDT £116.00

“Hannah also loves a spicy, wood-noted perfume, so I feel Creed Spice and Wood would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!”

Creed | Spice and Wood
75ml EDP £349.00