The Fragrance Shop Experts

Need help knowing what’s new? Not sure which scent to choose? Our fragrance experts are always on hand to provide their extensive knowledge and recommendations through personalised fragrance consultations in-store and online! We caught up with our incredible Store Managers who gave us the low-down on their fragrance knowledge.

Meet Georganna, Store Manager at Colchester 

My name is Georganna, and I am the store manager for The Fragrance Shop. I have been manager for over a year now. Our store has been in Culver Square for over 6 years but the company was established in 1994. The Fragrance Shop is the UK’s largest independent fragrance retailer and we are the only branch in Colchester City. 

My team and I always bring fabulous 5-star customer service as we know fragrance is so personal to every individual in different ways, and we assure you we will find you your perfect scent for any occasion or memory. 

How much do fragrances cost?

Top end fragrances can start from as little as £12 a month with our scentaddict subscription, which is the best way to try a new fragrance monthly and it comes straight to your door! You have the option to keep the fragrance the same or change it up each month and as a valued scent addict subscriber we give you £12 off! So if you like the fragrance you are using you can come in and get the bottle with £12 off, getting a trial before you decide which one you want to purchase. 

What brands do you stock? 

The Fragrance Shop doesn’t only offer all your well-known brands, we also offer exclusive fragrances such as IKON. IKON is a unisex fragrance available in 6 different scents, these are cruelty free, sustainable, recycled and natural ingredient fragrances which I personally wear. They smell gorgeous on the skin and will last all day due to them being parfums. A lot of our customers buy them due to them smelling very similar to other popular fragrances they like. 

What is your favourite part of your job? 

The fragrance shop is all about being yourself and how does the fragrance make you feel, which is what I love about working for the company is being the best version of yourself and always spraying a little happiness for our customers. 

Meet Leanne, Store Manager at Ashton-Under-Lyme 

What’s your ride or die fragrance? 

My ride or die fragrance has got to be Burberry Her, it’s my happy fragrance, it makes me feel like I can take on the world! It’s also created by a very prestigious designer as well that many people don’t know about, it’s the same designer as Baccarat Rouge 540! 

What’s your favourite fragrance fact? 

So every fragrance has its own healing properties, for example lavender has the ability to soothe helping you to go to sleep, vanilla has a very uplifting vibe to it, and rose is a very high vibrational fragrance note that can help to relieve symptoms of depression.  

What’s the best thing about working for The Fragrance Shop? 

Definitely the family side of things and just all of the exciting product launches that we get to experience and then share with the customers that come in our shop, it’s amazing I love it! 

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