Here at The Fragrance Shop, our #BeYourself campaign pays tribute to the individuality of our diverse customer base and is a celebration of expressing your true self through fragrance.  

We caught up with each of our models who shared their story of what makes them unique, hoping to encourage others to be empowered, and embrace their own personal identity.    

Meet Lyric (@phenixsoul)

“Growing up in a small Chicago suburb with a limb difference and being the only one with it in my neighbourhood I never felt like I fit in, and in the moments where I started to I was quickly reminded by my peers that that’s not the case. After my 3rd year of college, I began to find my passion in modelling and the creative field as a whole, while also growing in my faith I was soon led to LA where I began my career as a professional model.

I have had the opportunity to use this gift of my individuality and body uniqueness to spread awareness to all people that who you are to your core is a strength. Reminding people that they were perfectly designed and you can have anything you dream of with faith and works.” 

Meet Emily @alopeciadiaries_ 

Meet Emily, a marketing assistant and professional dancer from Swindon! At 19 she was diagnosed with alopecia whilst being a dancer onboard a cruise ship. Five years on since then, she’s wanted to ensure that anyone with hair loss doesn’t feel alone and knows they’re not the only ones going through this.   

“Hair loss or any visual difference doesn’t define who you are, but it’s certainly made me a stronger person. I saw a quote the other day that summed up what I’m trying to achieve perfectly – One day you’ll tell your story about how you overcame what you went through, and it will be someone else’s survival guide.”  

Seán @thesilversean 

A late diagnosis at 51 with ADHD confirmed with Seán that he although he sometimes felt different, this was a positive and in the work he has done through dance, choreography, outdoor pursuits and modelling, his way of being can be advantageous and celebrated – age is definitely not a barrier!

Seán proves it’s never too late to follow your side hustle, celebrate your own and others difference, change, grow, make mistakes, be kind and learn new things – being yourself is the only way to be – whatever age you are! 

Meet Samira 

“I was born in Somalia and have always loved fashion and the creative field. Having different culture and traditional background has always put me in a place where I felt I would not fit into the modelling and fashion world. Growing up, I never saw Muslim black models with a hijabs and the lack of representation and diversity made me a little scared in expressing my love for modelling and fashion.

However, my passion for fashion has always been strong and that has helped to purse my career in modelling. Being a model and working with different creative minds has been a pleasure, something I will always enjoy and cherish.” 

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