Is there anything more soothingly satisfying than having a full set of pampered nails?

You time is you time, whatever that means. We love a good pamper to wind down with after another Monday has been conquered, and there’s nothing better than feeling like you’ve got your life together with a completely fresh set of nails. Treat yourself to a proper manicure. Ensure your nails are in fantastic condition with these products and then make them look ultimately ‘done’. Take a look at our favourite products below.

A four-piece, cuticle set with a professional step-by-step guide on the proper treatment and care of nail cuticles. Treat your nails to this set’s powerful exfoliating and hydrating benefits, which work together to prevent splitting and peeling of cuticles. The Cuticle Remover exfoliates, gently loosening and softening the dead or dry cuticles without having to soak hands in water. The Cuticle Oil moisturises and soothes dry cuticles and nails to help prevent splitting and peeling of cuticles while caring for brittle nails. The Cure, an ultra-nourishing cuticle repair cream, is packed with patented raspberry stem cell extract, red algae, Shea butter, sodium hyaluronate, and vitamins A, C, and E, to instantly nourish, repair, and relieve dry cuticles. This fantastic all-in-one set also features The Pusher, a professional-grade, stainless steel dual-ended tool that pushes and shapes the most stubborn cuticles without damaging the delicate nail plates.

Nailberry’s The Cure nail hardener uses patented technology and a blend of natural ingredients to hardened weakened nails. Be rid of nail brittleness and breakages and improve their overall condition. The Cure includes a blend of natural actives to hydrate and protect nails, aiding in the restoration and repair. Multivitamins A, B5, C, E & F are included for ultra nail nutrition. Black Algae from the Antarctic is rich in proteins and minerals to help repair and Acai Berry extract is there for antioxidant protection.

Butter London’s innovative Patent Shine 10X formula is loaded with ingredients in sophisticated, long-wearing shades proven to promote brighter, stronger, healthier nails. The patented Shock Resisting Polymer Technology delivers limitless shine with up to 10 days of wear. It’s everything you need in one brilliant bottle! This shade is the ultimate everyday wearer – perfect for work and also fit for heading out for drinks, you just can’t go wrong.

Accelerate your nail polish drying-time and prevent nicks and smudges with P.D’.s innovative dry oil serum. Rosehip Seed Oil is included to help condition your cuticles for a healthy looking manicure in no time. Let your nails set for one to tow minutes before using a couple of drops in the centre of your nail, ensuring it coats the entire surface. Wait for it to evaporate and you don’t even need to rinse it!

A beautiful bouquet of Peony, Orange and Cherry Blossoms are blended with Vanilla, Strawberry and Pineapple. Pure luxury; this smoothing hand cream leaves skin silky-soft and prettily perfumed. The perfect end to your ultimate self-care manicure this fine Monday evening.