You did it! You’ve made it through Monday.

I’m sure a body scrub has been in the hands of each and every one of you at one point or another. Whether you’ve picked it up in a shop, optimistic that you’ll use it and then it sat in the back of your bathroom cabinet until it was well out of date; or if it came in a Christmas gift set that you ended up giving away as a present later on in the year. The same goes for bath salts. The idea is nice, but how often do you get to actually have a bath that’s long enough to be relaxing anymore? If you’ve got any scrubs or salts tucked away somewhere, retrieve them this Monday evening. This is why they should be your new best friend.

Why salts and scrubs? I hear you ask. Although they’re very different elements, they go hand in hand for a refreshed mind and body.

If you’re an avid body scrub user, this may seem obvious to you, but these tubs of bitty, glittery delights (no micro-beads welcome) have a number of benefits. They rid of any dry skin while brightening up the layer underneath. The exfoliation process allows any moisturising or oil products to be absorbed into the skin more easily, setting up a fantastic base for the rest of your body care routine and leaving your skin looking and feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

While body scrubs will take care of your skin, the salts are here to look after the state of your mind, so no skimping on the bath’s this time. The minerals in detox bath salts have a range of advantages. They are believed to help remove toxins from the body to aid health and improve the mind. They are also known to relieve stress, help with constipation and assist with weight loss.

Monday’s don’t need to be hard, take a little time to yourself by having a bath (a prolonged one) and relaxing. See how good it feels afterwards. Take a look at some of our favourite salts and scrubs at Indulge Beauty below.

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