We love any excuse to pamper ourselves, and the fact that we made it through another Monday is the perfect one.

Sheet masks are the ultimate chill in a (very cute) packet. They’re the epitome of ‘me-time’ and they scream skincare queen. So what’s the big deal? Well, sheet masks are soaked in concentrated nutrition-packed serums. This means they’re essentially a health shot for your face – you know, those really overpriced, tiny bottles that are usually full of odd ingredients that you’d otherwise never dream of putting in your mouth? Yeah, sheet masks are the skincare equivalent to them.

Sheet masks originated from Japan and Korea – both recognised for their dedication to skincare. They’re now used world-wide and promoted regularly by celebrities and influencers, especially as part of a K Beauty routine. One of the reason’s they appear to be so popular is due to how easy they are to use. Although we may argue that they’re a little difficult to place onto our faces properly/in a way that is acceptable to photograph for our Insta’ stories, they actually don’t take a lot of effort at all. Popping them on your face then relaxing or carrying on with your day before taking it off and putting it in the bin, is literally all there is to it. You don’t even need to wash off the serum afterwards.

Aside from their easy-to-use nature, they’re also very good for you and can be used almost as a ‘quick-fix’. They promptly enhance the skin with a serum that is full of nutritious vitamins and minerals and are super hydrating. The actual sheet, which tends to be made from papers, fibres or gels, makes sure the skin soaks up the serum for a little longer as opposed to simply applying it to your face. You can get masks for different types of skin or different problem areas, some claim to shrink pores, others claim to brighten your skin. All serums are made from natural ingredients that are tailored to the purpose of the mask. If you know about K Beauty, you’ll know that they’re devoted to all things that are organic and natural, which is why we know we’re in for the real deal with sheet masks.

They’re easy to use, a Godsend for our skin, what more could you want from a face product? Well, they don’t tend to break the bank either. Treat your skin and shop some of our favourites below. Plus, if you’re quick enough, shop 30% off Oh K! Sheet Masks until tomorrow! Go, go, go!

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Feature image: Purlisse