Join My TFS and upgrade to a family membership to get discount codes on fragrance and beauty all year long

Tired of looking for discount codes when you could spend that time actually using the fragrance and beauty products you’re shopping for? Say hello to My TFS.

Here at The Fragrance Shop we’re all about treating ourselves (and occasionally our loved ones) but know how expensive it can become, so we’re saving you the hassle of trying 1000 discount codes by helping you save 20% any time you want*. Whether you’re refilling your favourite perfume, trying out a brand new cologne for summer or investing in your skincare, our My TFS membership will help you save 20% off as many times as you choose!

What are the benefits of My TFS?

A My TFS membership gives you 20% off to use on all fragrance and beauty products at The Fragrance Shop, no discount codes necessary.

My TFS has three tiers: My TFS, My TFS Plus and My TFS Family.

All three tiers give you a number of 20% off vouchers, FREE Unlimited Express Delivery*, and exclusive members perks and unique offers. From members-only deals on fragrance to samples and freebies, all My TFS members signed up online will have access to these special offers.

Dolce & Gabbana | Light Blue Eau De Parfum
Dolce & Gabbana | Light Blue Forever Pour Homme Eau De Parfum
Hugo Boss | BOSS Bottled United Eau De Parfum

Why three tiers then?

Every My TFS member receives 20% off vouchers to use at The Fragrance Shop, however the higher tiers receive more.

My TFS members receive three 20% off vouchers to use at any time within 12 months.
My TFS Plus members receive five 20% off vouchers to use within 12 months.
My TFS Family members receive UNLIMITED 20% off vouchers to use whenever they want.

With My TFS Family, like Cady Heron says in Mean Girls: The limit does not exist. Top tier members can shop and save all day, every day on fragrance and beauty with 20% off at all times online and in-store by paying only £39 for the year.

This means you’d make your money back if you spent £195 a year on fragrance and beauty… and we know we spend a lot more than that over 12 months. It’s a no-brainer, right?

Join My TFS and upgrade to a family membership to get discount codes on fragrance and beauty all year long

How much does My TFS cost?

The three tiers are priced as:

  1. My TFS with 3 x 20% off vouchers costs £15 per year (one-off payment)
  2. My TFS Plus with 5 x 20% off vouchers costs £25 per year (one-off payment)
  3. My TFS Family with unlimited 20% off vouchers costs £39 per year (one-off payment)

In addition to the vouchers, free delivery and exclusive members perks, the My TFS Family tier also gives members 20% off scentaddict perfume subscription, meaning you can get a new fragrance every month for less than £10 (Netflix is shaking in its boots!). Find out more about scentaddict here.

I’m already a My TFS member… Can I upgrade?

YES! If you are already signed up to My TFS then you can now upgrade your membership at any time.

If you are currently on a lower tier and would like to upgrade then you simply have to pay the difference in annual cost then your benefits will be updated.

If you are currently a My TFS Family member then you don’t need to do anything. Your account will be updated automatically to show your unlimited vouchers and explain how to use your scentaddict saving! Simply log into your online account and take it from there.

So, which tier is for you…? Join My TFS today to start using your vouchers immediately and Googling ‘perfume discount codes’ will be a thing of the past. Happy shopping!