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Gucci’s newest addition features the face of Harry Styles and takes a trip down memory lane.

Gucci Mémoire d’une Odeur is a scent that was designed to recognise the fact that scent is in our subconsciousness and is attached to moments of our lives. Feelings of sadness, feelings of joy and feelings of the most intense love. When you wear this scent, you’re seeking out a precious thought; when you gift it, you’re giving the gift of an adored moment. Whether this time was a year, an hour or a split second, you can time travel to somewhere special that you long to revisit with Gucci Mémoire.

Alessandro Michele stated that when he began work on Gucci Mémoire, he “tried to imagine the recollection of a scent that couldn’t easily be identified; a hybrid scent that resembles memory as much as possible.”

I thought that deep down, perfume is that thing that even with your eyes closed, brings you to a precise moment of space and time.”

Symbolising a starry night sky, the emerald green box decorated with gold, was inspired by paintings of Roman and gothic churches of the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Europe. Neither too masculine nor too feminine, the packaging holds the unique sense of the gender-neutral society that we are so proudly a part of today.

Gucci Mémoire is the latest Gucci scent to hit The Fragrance Shop’s shelves, available in 40ml, 60ml and 100ml bottles.