Welcome to Gaultier’s Garden

Jean Paul Gaultier created his very own garden of Eden. He knew that men and women should spend time together, party together, explore together. With inspiration from the classic Le Mâle, La Belle and Le Beau were born. In this garden there were parties, discoveries, sweet intimacy and self expression. It smelled mystical, almost angelic, and utterly tempting.

Gaultier created the bottles with grace and modesty. La Belle, in the shape of a woman’s bust, is of a lavishing red with a blooming necklace of gold roses. For Le Beau, he was green, naval, shimmering in the contour of a man’s chest with a vibrant gold vine leaf that was carefully placed. Gaultier decided that these two were supposed to entice and allure us, make us want more.

La Belle’s bottle encases a scent of fresh, sensual vanilla, vetiver that points to a fruity sensation of pear. Le Beau’s relaxing coconut aroma swam with the smell of Bergamot and Tonka Bean, leaving and influential trail of seduction. Together, they are addictive. They create an intense aura that can’t be ignored nor denied. A duo so powerful and passionate that this is what will be for the rest of eternity; simultaneous as one.

La Belle is available in 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml bottles. Le Beau is available in 75ml and 125ml bottles.