Yves Saint Laurent’s fierce new fragrance has landed.

LIBRE: The brand new women’s fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent. The scent of freedom.

Libre is the French word for ‘free’, and so this fragrance pays tribute to YSL’s most defining and enduring value of freedom. Freedom to be confidence in yourself. Freedom to make choices. Freedom to ultimately live your life to its fullest. No reason to compromise, play completely by your own rules.

Libre is a grand, floral perfume for women with an unpredictable YSL twist. The burning sensuality of orange blossom is woven into the aromatic boldness of lavender. Lavender is traditionally used in male fragrances, but is made significantly feminine culminating a couture-infused scent with a uniquely androgynous YSL attitude.

YSL Libre is available in 30ml, 50ml and 90ml bottles.