Viktor & Rolf have released a dazzling new addition to their Flowerbomb family. Inspired by the tantalising world of burlesque, Flowerbomb Ruby Orchid is flashy, flirty and ready to put on a show!

While Flowerbomb fragrances usually center on – you guessed it – floral notes, Ruby Orchid features a tempting banquet of gourmand extracts that mingle beautifully with its signature flowery heart.

The Inspiration

Burlesque, also known as ‘the art of the tease’, is a style of dance that’s renowned for it’s glitzy costumes and sizzling sensuality, subverting the expectation that women should be quiet and reserved.  It’s not hard to see how this theatrical tradition inspired such a vibrant, attention-grabbing fragrance.

Taking centerstage of the Ruby Orchid campaign is model Marjan Jonkman in a spectacular costume, featuring the tell-tale dramatic structure of a V&R design. It’s a gorgeous piece with layers of tulle, delicate sequin embroidery, and a giant collection of orchids that embody the fragrance’s striking energy. If that wasn’t showy enough, Marjan is also adorned with colourful makeup, sparkling skin and a stunning amazing diamond headpiece.

Let’s Take A Closer Look

Ruby Orchid opens with top notes of vine peach, but what exactly is a vine peach?

A small breed of melon – didn’t see that one coming, did you? – it’s known by many other names including melon apple, garden lemon and glass melon. While it does have a peachy aroma, this surprising little fruit also carries a subtle mango scent that adds a tropical twist to Ruby Orchid.

Viktor & Rolf | Flowerbomb Ruby Orchid EDP 50ml | £79.00

It just couldn’t be a Flowerbomb without that distinctive floral heart. The synonymous orchid, brings a light, clean scent that counteracts the fragrance’s heavier notes. Finally, Ruby Orchid dries down to a base of red vanilla bean. Unlike your run-of-the-mill vanilla, this red variety is known for a richer, sharper aroma, effortlessly conveying the loud femininity of burlesque.

When Should You Wear It?

What’s great about gourmand fragrances is their strength and longevity, making them a great all-day, all-night option. Everyone loves a sweet treat, regardless of the time, so Ruby Orchid can accompany you to work, to the bar, and anywhere else the night takes you!