New Trussardi Fragrance For Women

The summer of 2021 is all about freedom and regaining control, and the new Trussardi fragrance for women is the vibrant scent that will embolden you to make it your best yet.

Characterised by the strength and independence of the Italian female spirit, Trussardi is a Floral-Chypre fragrance for the modern woman in charge of her destiny. The luxury Italian brand has set out to empower with ‘the new Eau De Parfum for iconic women’ and the results do not disappoint.

Emerging perfumers Julie Massé and Violaine Collas came together to create the new Trussardi fragrance, combining rich and refreshing notes to create an olfactory experience that leaves a lasting impression. For women by women, they crafted the Eau De Parfum with a green sensibility and responsibly sourced raw materials, making a conscious effort to push fragrance to a place of greater sustainability.

The new Trussardi fragrance for women

A unique Italian Accord opens the fragrance with a bright fusion of Italian Tangerine and Neroli (an essential oil extracted from the flowers of bitter orange trees). The first unexpected twist comes with its robust Lavender heart, which brings an androgynous twist to femininity as a note historically frequenting men’s fragrances.

The light masculine touch of Lavender is offset by the sublime combination of Jasmine Absolute and White Dahlia Accord, grounding the fragrance with a beautiful and breezy aroma at its heart. Its breeziness is emboldened by the sophisticated and elegant velvety base notes – Suede Accord, Violet Accord and Patchouli – which create a long-lasting aura of undeterred femininity.

Luxurious suede accords are signature to the Trussardi brand but here it becomes vibrant, accentuated by the violet to breathe new life into Trussardi. The luxury doesn’t stop with the scent as the fragrance lives in a chic cylinder work of art reminiscent of 70s fashion, almost like a dress or set piece you’d have seen in photos of Twiggy by Andy Warhol.

The new Trussardi fragrance for women

Faced by the simply divine Noel Berry, the empowering new Trussardi fragrance for women is here to bring you boundless freedom this summer. Why only be one thing when you can have the world? That’s what Trussardi Eau De Parfum captures in its Floral-Chypre hybrid glory, making sure you’ll be fresh and fierce, and definitely one to remember.

Add in the fact the raw materials are responsibly sourced and the eco-conscious packaging is partially recycled and recyclable? We have no choice but to fall in love with the new Trussardi fragrance for women. Even if we did, it’s already too late.

The new Trussardi fragrance for women is available as a 30ml Spray (£49.00), 60ml Spray (£73.80) and 90ml Spray (£85.00).

Discover the new Trussardi Eau De Parfum for women now at The Fragrance Shop.