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Are you looking for a new fragrances but feeling uninspired by the high street collection? Maybe you’re just on the lookout for something new and different, something that no one else will have? Whatever the reason for you looking for something different, we know you’ll find it in our niche fragrances collection. With a whole range of brands that are a little more under the radar, we have a fantastic collection of perfumes and aftershaves that are perfect for the exclusive side of you; the side who wants that little bit more effortless luxury. Shop our Niche Collection today, or be inspired by some of our favourites from it below.

Berdoues’ Grands Crus Collection uses the finest raw materials and the quality of the selected essences and their concentration levels ensure exceptional lasting power on the skin. Created by Jennifer Riley, Assam Of India eau de parfum mirrors the addictive and precious scent of the tea plains of Assam, in north-east India. Assam tea leaves are grown at a very low altitude, at sea level, and exude finesse and intensity. The natural elegance of Assam is replicated in this stunning Spicy fragrance whose assembly of ingredients includes notes of lemon peel from Menton, tea leaves from India, sandalwood heart wood from Mysore.

Every spring, Albert would travel from Antibes to Provence to visit his good friends Alessandro and Chiara, an Italian couple who owned a villa there. During one of these trips, while decanting one of the wines he produced from his own grapes, Alessandro told Fouquet that his next diplomatic post would be in the far-away Philippines. Some months later, Albert surprised his friends by sending them the best present they could ever receive, a bottle of Champs de Provence, containing many of the exuberant aromas of the Provençal countryside they were so sad to leave behind. Fresh citrus top notes of bergamot, orange and pear give way to a heart of jasmine absolute, orange blossom and rose. A dry down of ambroxan, mate and musk rounds out this unique Fresh/Floral fragrance that captures the beautiful elements of Provence.

After being invited to Yekaterinberg in 2014, Prudence was inspired to create a new women’s eau de parfum collection. The historic city situated in the Ural mountains, which are rich in minerals and form the gateway to the Siberian plains, is also inextricably linked to the murder of the Imperial Romanov family in 1918 after the Bolshevik Revolution of the previous year. History is often difficult to reconcile and the present-day magnificence of St Petersburg is testimony to the respect now given by Russia to its imperial past and the magnificent orthodox churches in both St Petersburg and Yekaterinberg attempt to give closure to this painful episode. Prudence did not want to exploit the tragic past, but preferred instead a discreet form of tribute that acknowledged both past and present. The collection is a profound and wistful reflection of melancholic opulence. It is a range of fragrances with no individual names, only numbers, and each one is presented in an elegant black bottle using a crown as a stopper. Number 3 has top notes of orange blossom, saffron and pink berries give way to a heart of jasmine sambac, pear and osmanthus. A sensuous dry down of oliban, oud, vanilla, cedarwood, patchouli and benzoin resin rounds out this Oriental/Oud fragrance!

A rich yet refined unisex fragrance with woody oriental accords. Korloff Royal Oud comes from luxury Parisian jewellery house Korloff Paris, built upon French luxury, creative energy and free thinking. This oriental woody fragrance works harmoniously for both men and women with its impactful combination of exotic ouds, spices and florals. A fresh open of rose is spiced delicately with nutmeg and united with hints of smoky incense. The heart brings out the oud flourish of agarwood, patchouli and labdanum for an earthy yet sweet scent. The softer ending of warm amber, vanilla, sandalwood and musk give this fragrance its sensual yet understated finish with a hint of sweetness.

Acqua di Parma Fico di Amalfi perfume for her is a warm, energising, fruity scent. It opens with fruits of bergamot, lemon and grapefruit before gently lending itself to notes of fig, pink pepper and jasmine. Finally, melodious scents of woods bring the fragrance to a warm, earthy finish. This fresh eau de toilette reveals elements of the Amalfi coast, a scent of summer all year round.

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