Shop with The Fragrance Shop live on the OOOOO shopping app on Friday 21st May at 5pm

Can’t be bothered going out to the shops but would love to find out about new fragrances from a real person instead of online reviews? The Fragrance Shop is launching its own channel on the all-new OOOOO shopping app.

Described best as QVC for the TikTok era, OOOOO is a virtual shopping app which gives people LIVE shopping experiences from the comfort of their own homes or wherever else they are! We are super excited to announce our first-ever live shopping experience will be happening on Friday 21st May exclusively on OOOOO.

The Fragrance Shop is one of the first major UK retailers to join forces with OOOOO, where you’ll be able to watch our fragrance experts tell you everything you need to know about the hottest summer scents. Got a question? Leave a comment! Want to buy what you see? Click and it’s yours!

Essentially, the OOOOO shopping app works a lot like an Instagram Live where you can chat freely, so you can get live opinions within seconds, just like you were in a shop without any of the extra fuss. The difference from an ordinary livestream? You can buy the product you’re seeing live in a matter of clicks without having to leave the app!

Honestly, if your mum thought watching QVC and dialling up to make her order was easy then wait until she hears about this because shopping at-home just got cooler. You can join on your commute home, pop it on while making your dinner, when you’re sitting on the sofa… literally wherever, whenever there’s a live show.

Get the low down on the very best summer scents in our FIRST EVER live shopping experience on Friday 21st May @ 6pm. Download the OOOOO shopping app now and get ready to shop live with us! We’ll see you there!