Pepe Jeans Celebrate is the perfect party accessory.

If we can count on Christmas for anything, it’s for an endless amount of parties and celebrations. With all these parties comes the outfits, the makeup, and of course, the fragrance, and we can’t think of a better collection than Pepe Jeans Celebrate for men and women. Not only are the bottles perfectly instagrammable for any occasion (but especially Christmas-time!), they will be the life of the party. Both scents are instantly recognisable for all the right reasons and will be sure to be noticed by anyone you might be trying to impress (wink, wink). Add pop some champagne and add some sparkle to the with the ultimate party fragrances.

The version of Pepe Jeans Celebrate for her is an original cocktail with sweet and savoury notes designed to keep the senses alert at all times. The fragrance begins with a cheerful combination of popcorn, black pepper and chestnut, eventually leading us to an addictive floral bouquet. This initial impact combines with sophisticated white wood base-notes and underlying tones of creamy vanilla to offer a fragrance that is both elegant and seductive.

The version of Pepe Jeans Celebrate for him exhibits sensual freshness by combining the aromatic potency of juniper and cardamom with subtle notes of gin. The combination concludes with a surprising and seductive extract of cocoa. A touch of elegance is achieved via a final caress of clary sage absolute and a hint of amber woods, delivering a potent, intense fragrance designed to accompany life’s most seductive moments.

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