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Summer may not officially start until June 21st but Pepe Jeans COCKTAIL Edition has arrived early to prepare us for the hottest days of the year… and we’re ready.

Everyone knows Pepe Jeans like to have a good time. Since the original Pepe Jeans LIFE IS NOW fragrances launched in 2018 in their cocktail-making glory, we have been obsessed with the brand’s vibrant scents and fun-loving vibes. Now, for summer 2021, the Pepe Jeans fantasy has been fulfilled with the brand new Pepe Jeans COCKTAIL Edition.

The exotic duo invites us to celebrate the arrival of summer as two refreshing and colourful fragrances, which skyrocket the brand’s unmatched positivity. Good vibes only? Pepe Jeans knows all about it. The classic cocktail bottles have been suitably sun-kissed, with the For Her Eau De Toilette serving a sunset hue of yellow and orange. As for the For Him Eau De Toilette? He went straight to the Mediterranean sea for blissed out views of ocean water so clear you can see the sand through the sparkling waves.

Shop Pepe Jeans Cocktail Edition at The Fragrance Shop

Coming in 30ml or 80ml, the Pepe Jeans COCKTAIL For Her is a fruity-floral fragrance made for a radiant summer day. Opening with a tropical combination of Red Fruits, Pineapple and Cassis like the most deliciously frozen cocktail at sunrise, a sweet floral bouquet of Tiare Flower and Lemon Blossom lies at the heart of this fresh fragrance. Like any good cocktail, it’s topped off with spun sugar to add a springy Caramel accord to the base blend of Amber, Sandalwood and Musk.

We’d forgive you for losing count of the fragrance families who showed up for this cocktail hour but, surprisingly, they all get along just fine. If you’re one for bar-hopping then the 30ml Spray (£21.45) will be for you, and if you’re a one drink kinda gal then the 80ml Spray (£39.45) will be your best friend all summer.

Now, we never like to play favourites when it comes to fragrance (it’s for everybody!) but Pepe Jeans COCKTAIL For Him is the epitome of summer. It’s ultra-fresh (not like a guy who’s panic-chewed gum, though) and super addictive, essentially being the fragrance equivalent to a long hot summer that is simply never long enough.

Shop Pepe Jeans Cocktail Edition at The Fragrance Shop

The aromatic Eau De Toilette is a citrus dream on the rocks with a woody twist. Top notes Grapefruit and Ginger fizz into an unexpected blend of Yuzu and the cold spice of Cardamom before revealing an intense mix of dry woods.

Immediately refreshing and genuinely intoxicating, Pepe Jeans COCKTAIL For Him will be one that holds an entire season’s memories in just one spray. COCKTAIL For Him comes ready to hit the beach in a 30ml Spray (£21.45) and 100ml Spray (£39.45).

Will Pepe Jeans COCKTAIL be the beginning of a rotating summer scent á la Calvin Klein CK One Summer…? Only time will tell but, to be safe, make the most of summer 2021 with this delicious duo of dizzyingly delicious fragrances, now available to buy at The Fragrance Shop.