By layering perfume, you can create a signature scent. Here’s how you do it well.

Finding your signature fragrance can be a challenge in itself – especially if you’re particular about not wearing the same popular scent as the next person. Seeking out that individual fragrance can include being creative and layering up different fragrances to form a completely new smell. Fragrance can be extremely evocative and whatever it is that you wear can leave a lasting impression for life, so you need to ensure it’s something worth remembering. Learning about your fragrance families is the first step to learning how to mix and match your scents. It’s going to be a hit and miss process, but the end result will be worth it.

There are two ways of combining fragrances to make a new one, and the first is using two contrasting scents (this is where you need to know your fragrance families). For example, layering a floral scent that is on the delicate side with something that is a little more intense – some stronger woody notes perhaps. The opposing natures of the scents applaud each other and establish something completely original.

Coach Floral Blush is a fruity, floral perfume, and blended with Narciso Poudrée which has a woody, powdery heart, forms a completely new scent. The contrasting notes work surprisingly well together.

The second way of layering up your perfumes and aftershaves to successfully produce something bespoke, is by finding a note that you like and enhancing it. For instance, if you really love a fragrance with a prominent Amber note and want to add to that, find another scent that also features Amber. This will intensify the Amber notes while combining the other facets to generate something completely new.

Both Paco Rabanne Olympéa Intense and Prada Amber feature outstanding Amber notes and therefore would be a great combination if you love that warm, musky scent. The rich tone of both fragrances will build on each other so that it stands out even more, the perfect layering.

Now unless you already just happen to have either of these pairs of fragrances, or any others that partner up well, then buying two bottles of scent can be a little expensive. Our solution? Scentaddict, our fabulous fragrance membership that allows you to try them for just £12 a month. This way, you can switch up and mix and match your fragrances every month to create different variations – if you find one you’re set on, we’ll give you £12 to spend on a full-size bottle so that you can wear your new signature scent every day.

Will you be trying out these layering techniques? Let us know in the comments what incredible combinations you come up with.

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Feature image: Vine Vera