In the run up to Christmas, it can be hard to schedule in your beauty appointments.

So, use this guide to plan and book them in now!

Everyone likes to look their best around Christmas. It is generally a very sociable time of the year, you tend to meet old friends and new, and everyone in between. It’s a time for parties, celebrations, gatherings and visits to see family and friends throughout the whole of December, sometimes our life gets so hectic that we struggle to find time to make sure we’re looking and feeling our best.

So, we’ve put together this list of how to plan your beauty needs in around your festive social events. The earlier you plan and book them in, the earlier you can relax and know that come Christmas day, you’ll look like the done up angel on top of the tree that we know you truly are.


Not many people love their hair the minute they’ve had it cut. Maybe the hairdresser always takes that bit too much off (no matter how much you tell them not to) or perhaps you prefer just a little bit of root showing through your glowing highlights. For this reason, we would suggest booking your pre-Christmas hair appointment 1-2 weeks prior to Christmas Day itself. This gives your hair time to grow out a little and fall into it’s comfortable and natural hold.


Generally, gel and acrylic nails tend to last 3-4 weeks. So, if you can’t be bothered to maintain them yourself over the Christmas period (I mean, we don’t blame you), and are planning on booking in for a mani, we’d recommend doing this mid-December. This gives you the chance to enjoy your festive themed nails for the office Christmas ‘do, Christmas Day and also New Year without having to get them re-done until 2020 (eek).


If getting your brows waxed, tinted, threaded, or whatever it is you usually put yourself through in order to feel fabulous, then go ahead and continue with what you do and get them booked in for the week before Christmas. If this is your first time getting them done, or first time in a while, perhaps think about getting them done a little earlier than that. This gives your skin time to adjust and let any redness go down well before you need it to.


There’s nothing worse than wanting a tan throughout winter. Whether you’re doing it yourself with false tan or heading out for a spray tan, you’ll need to time it right so that it hasn’t faded too much or isn’t too unnatural by the big day. While it might be tempting to put it off until Christmas Eve (we know it can be a lot of effort), but we’d definitely suggest that you do both – although, especially a spray tan – in the week running up to Christmas. No earlier than the 20th is prime time to ensure that your tan is on fleek for all the festivities.

It’s going to be a busy few weeks in all aspects of life. Just remember, it’s perfectly OK to say ‘no’ sometimes. Whether that’s no to social events because you need some time to yourself – be it for dolling yourself up or not. Or sometimes if the pressure of getting your tan on, brows done or hair cut is too much, then cancel that appointment. So while this might help those of you who are all about the beauty game and are ready to tackle Christmas, it doesn’t matter if you’re not.

Enjoy the festive season!

Feature image: InStavanger