Ever wondered what it’s like to work in a Social Media team for a leading UK retailer?

Being the brains and creativity behind an Instagram account – and being paid for it – is the dream in 2019. So what’s it really like to work as a social media executive for a brand? And exactly how do you get there? The Fragrance Shop, Indulge Beauty and scentaddict’s Social Media team gave me an insight into what goes on BTS in their daily lives. Meet Jess, 26, PR, Social Media & Influencer Manager; Chloe, 23, Social Media Executive; and Hannah, 24, Social Media Assistant.

Hannah, Jess and Chloe – Social Media Team at The Fragrance Shop, Indulge Beauty & scentaddict

How did you get into social media?

Chloe: I started as an apprentice in digital marketing.
Jess: I come from a PR background and naturally, social media goes hand in hand, so I started working on content for clients and managing their pages.
Hannah: I got into social media when I first discovered blogs while I was in college and I would spend hours reading them, being drawn in by the photography and seeing the outfits bloggers would put together. It inspired me to start my own blog a few years later and then I moved to also starting an Instagram account which I still do both actively now.

What inspired you to take this career path?

Jess: I really enjoyed creating a face and tone of voice for brands – I found it slightly more exciting than traditional PR and could be a lot more creative, so made the move into a PR & social media role!
Hannah: I’ve always had loved fashion and beauty from a young age and then when I became interested in blogging I decided I wanted to not only do social media as a hobby but also start a career from the other side so I can understand all aspects of the industry.
Chloe: I was inspired by opportunities presented to me.

What is your favourite social media platform?

Hannah: Instagram. I just love how the images can really draw you in, I’m always getting inspired by beautiful imagery.
Chloe: Instagram & Youtube. There is so much to learn about the platforms and they are always changing whether it be an update or change to algorithm.
Jess: It’s so hard to choose – I love Instagram as it’s so visual,  but I’m still an old-school fan of Twitter; it’s where I go for instant news updates and I also love to follow journalists and industry professionals to stay across what they’re up to!

Describe your 9-5:

Chloe: Social media isn’t a 9-5 job, it is a 24/7 role. My office hours usually include reflection over the week before’s activity, planning for the week ahead and keeping up to date with all new updates and changes within the social universe.
Hannah: Ahhh, right now? I’m not too sure as I’ve just started but I know it will involve a lot of coffee and peppermint tea.
Jess: Being in social media, my working day starts from the second I wake up and check my phone – I have a scroll through our pages and stats whilst enjoying my morning brew! Once in the office, I have initial catch ups with the team, talk through what we have planned across our platforms for the week and any upcoming launches. Often our week can include a trip to London for a new product launch – which is always super exciting for the team.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

Jess: We have a fantastic team – social can be super fast-paced and to see us work together to overcome challenges and produce great results across our channels is amazing. We all smell great too, which is a plus! 
Chloe: My favourite thing about the job is the accomplishments made & the pressure of the fast pacing environment. There’s a massive spotlight on social and even through there may be obstacles the accomplishments made serve the greatest reward.
Hannah: Being able to be creative and really discuss ideas to help grow the company.

Do you have your go-to Insta pose perfected?

Hannah: I’m a ‘hair / face toucher’ look at my Instagram and my hand is never far from my face.
Jess: Ohhh no, but I do admire those that have!
Chloe:  Absolutely not! Just whack a filter on there and hope for the best.

To you, how does social media help companies like The Fragrance Shop and Indulge Beauty?

Jess: It creates a personality for the business and gives customers a further insight into what we do. For Indulge Beauty, I think it’s so helpful to be able to show how creative the brands we stock are and gives followers an idea of how to use them!
Chloe: In my opinion social media is an organic and free platform that creates a personal & organic relationship between consumer & company.
Hannah: I think social media helps the company grow because it can draw in anyone from anywhere in the world, no matter their age or status.

What’s your advice for anyone looking to break into the social media industry?

Hannah: Trust that you can do it, even if people are telling you maybe not? You can’t really have a bad idea as long as its relevant to what is going on around you.
Chloe: Be hard working, put yourself out there & be willing to work over whenever & wherever.
Jess: Intern, intern and intern… It’s the same with any marketing role really; I had a relevant degree and strong work experience behind me, but it was so much more difficult to walk into a job than I imagined. I was reluctant to take unpaid work but was offered a role whilst in my internship – so it’s so worth it!

What is your favourite product on The Fragrance Shop and/or Indulge Beauty at the moment?

Chloe: Twist & Spritz at The Fragrance Shop – the best invention to carry perfume without carrying the whole bottle!!
Jess: We’re constantly introduced to new products at The Fragrance Shop so it changes all the time, currently – I would say Joy by Dior. For Indulge Beauty, I am obsessed with the whole Ordinary range, but the peeling solution is my favourite!
Hannah: I love the whole Elizabeth and James range at The Fragrance Shop, I currently wear Nirvana Rose everyday and would like to own the whole range. On Indulge Beauty, any of The Ordinary products, I have a basket full of the range and have never faulted a product I’ve tried from them.

And finally, your FAVE Insta account that we should all go follow like, now?

Hannah: errrr probably @chloeplumstead she is down to Earth, her writing style is refreshing and she says it how it is.
Chloe: @asbos_sos
Jess: I don’t think I can pick one so I’ll give you three! @sosheslays, @huffpostwomen and @chupi.

Feature image: Prateek Katyal on Unsplash